Monday, October 31, 2011

Weekend was the best I've had in a long time but it was all over way too fast.
I loved staying up late and waking up early as well as walking in a foggy city and talking about Silent Hill. I found a lovely mailbox I had to buy and now it's my treasure. Bought lots of tea and honey, drank even more tea and ran to the bathroom with 2 other tea addicts.

4 cats and a big dog(I bet he thinks he's just a little chihuahua) plus 3 teaholics and our mascot Dr. Sherlock Smith. I'm afraid of dogs but Raven's "little" doggy was just adorable. Wish I could have taken him or Mikki (little round kitty :3) with me :)

Now it's all over. I'm starting to write NaNoWriMo(National Novel Writing Month)'s novel tomorrow as well as move, I'm starting to plan the applications to Scottish universities as well as read my favourite teacher's book. I almost cried when X gave it to me.. I miss last year SO much and M was so inspiring!
I also started watching Supernatural (thanks for the 1st season X) and I have lots of books to read starting from Pornland and the Satanic Bible.

I've talked to some people about me changing my name and getting rid off my first name.. From the messages I've received I have had this feeling that most people don't understand why I'm doing it nor do they support me. I have my personal reasons and I hoped people would understand me a bit more.. But no. I'm a bit sad thanks to the lack of support but I hope things will get better bit by bit.
Haven't talked about my home situation to no one either and I won't talk about it until I feel like I can open up about it. I tell something small to people who ask about it but that's it. I open up when I feel like it and when I did felt like talking (when it happened) there was no one to listen.

I've also gotten some nasty comments about me trying to apply to universities in Scotland. There's only S that has been supporting the moment she heard about it "I need to start knitting scarfs and such for you - the winters in Scotland are cold. ESPECIALLY in the houses without proper heating!". Others have asked why the heck I'm even trying "like you could even get in". Thank you for that. I know now who to talk to and who to drop little by little unless something changes. My dad is a bit supporting but he wants to know more about the financial side..
Will try to check that out during this week and then start to write the applications and send those before January :))


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