Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thursday's mail and handmade envelopes.

So I received one surprise and a card from Portugal and a letter from Finland on Thursday. After that I haven't received anything but last night I had this urge to try to make a couple of envelopes on my own.. I looked through some of my magazines and found lots of great pictures but in the end I only made 8 envelopes and now I'm trying 2 to see should I continue making those or do those get destroyed in the mail (HOPE NOT!)

So I sent one to a Finnish pal and one to Portugal as a test, wrote something small and asked them to send me a message or a photo of the envelope. Let's hope those will survive!!

Here's the mail:

Hatsune Miku card and a lovely envelope from S/Portugal

Letter from a Finnish pal (+Moomin stamp :3)

And the envelopes: (Christina Aguilera envelope is missing - sorry for that)

Twilight (Bella&Edward) and Keira Knightley(?)

Arc Angel (manga/manhwa) and someone's drawing from NEO magazine.

Ghost in the Shell, Naruto and Trinity Blood

And the sent ones:

To S/Portugal

To Finland :))))

What do you think? :) My first attempt to make envelopes by myself ^^


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