Saturday, October 15, 2011

I ♥ mail

Lately I haven't really received anything (except Maria's letter but anyways~)
I've been writing letters faster and more than I have in a LONG while (never been this behind!) so after I wrote some letters last week I took photos and today I've written 3 letters and packed 2 swaps to my Sri Lankan friend.. Here are the photos:
And yes, I censored the addresses (paint) for privacy reasons. :)

Letter to E/Finland - written Oct 15th.

Letter to Salla/Finland - written Oct 15th.

First letter to a new penpal E from Kazakhstan - written Oct 15th.

Swaps to M/Sri Lanka - packed Oct 15th (letter sheets & envelopes).

Letters - Up left to right - H from Scotland(male pal) and K from Japan.
Down left to right - A from Finland and E from South Korea.
All letters written Oct 7th. Sent Oct 10th.

Postcards to postcard pals left to right - N from Thailand, A from Finland and Y from Taiwan :)
Written Oct 7th, sent Oct 10th.

I also wrote a letter back to Maria Oct 13th and sent it 14th (didn't took a photo but it looked like the envelope I'm sending to Salla.
I also wrote letters on Oct 6th to M/Finland, N/Canada (an exchange student from Finland - childhood friend), R/USA, S/Germany(male pal) and M/Ukraine. But unfortunately I didn't take photos of those.. Especially M's envelope was great :))
- At the moment I have 4 male pals if someone's wondering :) - Germany, Israel, Scotland and France :)



  1. All of them looks so lovely. I'm sure your pals won't be mad for taking longer to reply :) I was hoping to hear situation about my letetr, in what base is it?;D

  2. I'm not so sure about that.. I won't be surprised if some of them want to drop me :S

    Planned.. :) I have so much to say and I know it'll take many sheets to write down all I got to say.. :DD I'm starting to write it properly tomorrow after finishing the Finnish letters (only one more left!! :DD) Your letter might take me 3-5 hours to write so I've been waiting for a day when mom is away so she won't nag about anything and I can sit still and write :DD And I probably need to buy a package for the letter once again.. ;)

  3. tosi kauniita kirjeitä! itellä on japanilaisia kirjekuoria, mutta ne kuoret on niin pieniä ja osotteet pitäs kirjottaa niin hassusti niihin, että ne yleensä menee lahjapaketin sisällä erikseen :P

  4. Kiitos :) Kun vain olisi enemmän tuollaisia isokokoisia tarroja niin saisi noita kirjekuorien tyhjiä kohtia peitettyä :)
    Itse olen myös saanut joitain japanilaisia kirjekuoria, mutta pienuuden takia en niitä oikein juuri käytäkään.. Mutta alkaa osoitelaput ja mustavalkoiset kirjekuoret lopussa niin enään vaihtoehtoina alkaa olla tylsät valkoiset tai ruskeat kuoret :(