Thursday, October 13, 2011

Happy Failday!

In Finland we're celebrating Failday today!!
It's something about being open about your failures and making failing a bit more accepted or something.. GOD KNOWS!
It was a GREAT day to have our first math exam.. We'll see how it went.. And now I'm waiting for the Finnish lesson to start around 2pm.. :S And Swedish presentation is still not ready :S
I really hope I'll be able to take some time off next week and concentrate on relaxing and writing letters.. :))
But we'll see.. :)

My goal is to send a reply to every letter I now have by October 24th..

I'm also planning on watching the rest of Doctor Who's 6th series soon.. I'm now watching the 12th episode but the gay subplots are little by little starting to bother me.. :/ Seriously!! How many times can they kill Rory and try to pair the Doctor with different men??? D:


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