Sunday, October 9, 2011

Good News

After the mental breakdown I experienced last Sunday and a couple of days I stayed at home I thought things would get better bit by bit.

I managed to pay the flight ticket back to Finland and now I just need to wait until December 14th to spend 4 full days in London (December 14th-19th). I'm happy but now and then I'm wondering whether I should have gone to Portugal (it's a bit warmer in there! :)). But anyways, I'm happy that I'm going back there once again and will be able to go shopping (especially in Paperchase :))

I started catching up with the letters and postcards as well.. School kept me really busy and stressed so I hadn't really written anything for two months.. But now I've already written 9 letters (on Thursday and Friday - I spent a lazy gaming day yesterday as no one was missing me or needed me :)) and I still have some letters to write but I think I'll catch up with those latest on week 42 which I'm going to spend at home and near Vaasa - meeting cousins and so on.. D: (I don't really like my cousins......)

And I got a quick reply from the housing company, I'm moving back to Porvoo in November - too busy with school and other things until then so.. :) And what makes me even more happy about this is the fact that I'll be V's and S's neighbour :) But I don't know who my roommate will be.. :S

And I have plans for Halloween as well :) It was nice to get a message from a friend asking to meet her during Halloween. Of course I said yes! I need to meet someone or else I'll go crazy!

But I guess I need to continue letter writing. :)


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