Saturday, October 15, 2011

Doctor Who?

Lately everyone around me have been listening to me talking about Doctor Who.
I LOVE that series and now that I've finally caught up with it I have this empty feeling inside.. Have to wait until December 25th for the Christmas special and then until autumn 2012.... .__.

The last episode of 6th season was just brilliant and I had this HUGE fangirl moment during the 8th episode of 6th series:

Rose Tyler moments even though the Doctor has changed!! :3

I'm planning on starting the series from the "start" (2005) because after seeing 6 series (at least 86 episodes, at least 3870 minutes) I'm sure I've forgotten some episodes that didn't include that many Doctor/Rose fangirl moments :)

At first I wouldn't watch any episodes after David Tennant left the series because..
1) No more Tennant ;;__;;
2) the Doctor wouldn't be the same
3) No more Russell T. Davies BUT Steven Moffat
4) Don't like Moffat because he writes the scariest DW episodes

But after seeing one episode of the 6th series from tv in Wales I decided to give Matt Smith a try and in the end I started to like Smithy as well as Moffat :)


I've never before loved any series THIS much or loved an actor as much as I love Tennant.
I won't forgive BBC if they'll end Doctor Who in 2013 as the rumors say! D:



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