Thursday, September 22, 2011

What I just HAD to order..

My graduation dress was 59 Seconds' lovely "Bow-Accent Organza-Hem Tie-Back Dress" ($54.40)

Today I checked yesstyle 's page and HAD to look for 59 Seconds' new clothes and shoes. I did found some clothes on sale that I liked and I decided to place an order! :3

I ordered two LOVELY (and short) dresses and I can't wait to get those!! :)

From the autumn collection: "Striped-Ribbing Slim Dress" ($20.00)

LOVE it!! :3 It's so cute!! (I'm worried as I almost never want to buy clothes ^^')

And a dress I've wanted to buy for YEARS!!
"Faux Suede Bow-Accent Strapless Dress" ($22.40)

I LOVE those dresses a LOT! Can't wait to get those! :3

And tomorrow I'm having a photoshoot with Kimmy :) She will do make up, provide clothes and everything :) I'm just her model and all I have to take with me are my wig, fake lashes and make up :)
Can't wait to see what kind of photos we'll get :)



  1. Alimmainen on tosi nätti, kelpais itellekin :3

  2. Oon halunnu ostaa sen jo useemman vuoden ajan ja ku nyt siel oli viel jonki verran noita ni oli PAKKO ostaa :3

  3. Noi kaks on niin ihania >___< <3

  4. I love those dresses! did you get them yet? wow, I want to get the first one ^^

  5. Yup :) I have all 3 of those, have wore the 1st and 3rd one but the second one is still unused.. Maybe I can use it in my grandma's B-day party.. :)