Monday, September 19, 2011

Doctor Who


Yeah, it's a LOT older than just 6 years but I'm too boring and bored to check the older ones (even though some of those are amazing :)) - the oldest tv-series EVER, Doctor Who will turn 50 in 2013 :)

~I usually can't stand science fiction series but Doctor Who..... It's something totally different and amazing~

Started watching the series once again and somehow I managed to start the 5th and 6th series (with Matt Smith) - I'm finally catching up! After 2008 I almost refused to watch the series because I knew there would be no more RosexDoctor and the Doctor changed. But last Christmas I managed to watch the last Christmas' Christmas special and cried like a baby when David Tennant left the series.....

As much as it bothers me to confess this, I actually enjoy the series after David Tennant gave his role as the Doctor to a much younger actor.. And to be honest I'm starting to like Matt Smith and I'm scared of the new series (watched series 5 episodes 1-6 and series 6 episodes 1-4 (because it took so long from me to get the 5th series!))

But no matter what Doctor and Rose will be my favorite pairing EVER. And Tennant will be my favorite Doctor.

BUT I've come to really like Amy Pond, she's currently my second favorite assistant :3

Series 5 trailer:

HATED the fact that the Weeping Angels came back D: Scared the ---------- out of me D:

Series 6 trailer:

Just to let you know the first episode of the 6th series shocked me. I nearly cried.

And the lovely female assistants from 2005 to 2011 (the proper ones, been with the Doctor for at least a season:

LOVE the series!!


RIP Elisabeth Sladen 1946-2011 (If you don't know who she is then shame on you.)


  1. I'm scared of watching any episodes with the new Doctor since I like David Tennant oh so so much, but if you like the new episodes, then I'm certain I'll like him too ;----) !

  2. This is my second attempt to watch the series with Matt Smith as the Doctor (yes, I still feel like I'm cheating on David Tennant :D) and I will do it. He's not THAT bad he's funny and I'm starting to like him but in the beginning I couldn't stand him..
    But after I heard rumors that the doctor will change again (wondering who the next doctor will be :S) I just HAD to watch the series. (even though the weeping angels were one of the reasons why I didn't want to start the 5th series.....) Gotta hate Steven Moffat for writing the episodes :DD

  3. They're going to change the Doctor AGAIN? I don't like the sound of that :S

    Have you ever watched Supernatural? It's one of my favourite horror shows on TV ;---) I just finished season 6 and can't wait for season 7, agh!

  4. Me neither :/ But on the other hand a thing that bothers me even more is the rumors about Doctor Who coming to an end during 2013 ;;__;; HOPE it ain't true!!

    I've seen a couple of episodes of Supernatural but have never managed to watch more of those.. I really wonder why as I did enjoy watching one of the episodes during the first week of August.. :) Maybe I'll start watching Supernatural after I've finished DW :)

  5. Oh no, hope it isn't true! But if it is, I think it's better to end a series when it's still good. I hate it how some shows are ruined when the writers continue the story for too long.

    You should, I think you'll like it :--) Even though there's a lot blood, but hey! ;---)