Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're the same

I had a great time with V and S today (they're roommates, V is a second year student majoring in tourism while me and S are freshmen :)).
Me and my dad picked them up around 10am (I woke up around 7am so.. :P)
It was a bit awkward at first as V and S were supposed to have their only Vietnamese day (they made a promise not to use Vietnamese around foreigners and even each other.. The only "Vietnamese" days are Sundays - guess who ruined it! :))
I had met V once before when she and S and a Vietnamese guy they know met in the lobby and V and S had some kind of a Vietnamese dessert with them and they let me taste it :3 It was good :3
I had everything ready when they came, had to take those out of the fridge and that was it :)
They were so happy to be able to visit a Finnish home and taste some Finnish food (yes, I had lots of help :')). Girls had brought some kind of a Vietnamese dessert with them - there was lotus seeds, vanilla and some kind of a fruit that grows in Vietnam.. (no idea what it is even though me and my dad tried to think of all the fruits we know and have heard of :)).
We ate, talked (about everything - culture differences, politics etc.) and enjoyed our time together :)
I love the fact how good S's English skills are :) V is a bit better in Finnish but her English ain't as good as S's :) I still love both of them >3<
The dessert they brought with them was REALLY good :D But the lotus seeds do make me sleepy :DD
Made some plans about Wednesday (S will make Vietnamese food for me<3) and they left around 2pm :)
We had fun and now I'm already considering about going to sleep even though it's only 4pm :D
Anyways, I think I need to write letters :)
Take care everyone~


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