Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sick and Tired

Had to cancel the cooking day with S and now I'm just laying on my bed going crazy with my thoughts. I have letters to write and I write some every time I'm awake for more than 10 minutes.. But at times I don't feel like writing.. Having fever makes me tired and the fact that it's not going down bothers me.. I left early from school yesterday and people kept calling and messaging me about this new and BIG assignment we have to do in groups and I ended up in a group which T leads (I don't know her that well, haven't even talked with her but we'll see what happens..).

And I hate the fact that people seem to disappear for a week right before convention weekend..
I'd have some things to talk about convention etc and no one has time to talk as they're busy with their costumes.. :/
I think I just need to let it be like that, I have time to talk to them during the weekend.. I guess.. I hope..

I didn't get any mail today but I've been writing lots of postcards and a couple of letters..
And yesterday I got a postcard from N.. :) She's already in Canada and from what I've heard she loves it there :)
The postcard was from England as she landed there for 9 hours and as I asked her to send me a postcard from Heathrow airport (I was half kidding and didn't think that she would've really done it) and she did :) Made my day :))
And it seems that I'll be staying in here until next summer. I just have to suck it up and smile whenever I'm pissed off :)

Take care everyone (don't catch a cold!!!)


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