Friday, August 12, 2011


Lame men are lame D: Got a message from a 32years old turkish guy (nickname: CoolHandsome) "I like your photo very much!You look very pretty!I am interested in you!Do you have a boyfriend?"

and a while ago 28 years old guy started talking to me: "Maybe you know that woman are normally 3 years older as their real age, because they are more rip as boys in the same age, so the difference between you and me is only 5 years."
(good to know that women are rip instead of mature!)

-I'm like so turned on and looking for a crappy online relationship with men who are a lot older than I am-

SO yeah.. That's how my day started, what about yours?

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I've been cleaning a lot and sorting things as I need to decide what I'll take with me to Porvoo and what I'll store as mom will be doing something to my old room a bit after I've moved out..
But I bet I'll be coming home now and then during weekend because I want free food :3 (Well, it is free for ME..... ^^')
Anyways, I'm behind with my mail (once again) and I try my best to get those sent and written as soon as possible since I want most of my mail to come to my new address (though I will get the letters and cards etc sent to my mom's address, it just takes a bit longer from me to get those :))
Can't wait to see what this year will bring to me :)


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