Thursday, August 18, 2011

School started.

I think I'll be able to understand how X felt during our school year (2010-2011) as she was one of the few that came school from home and didn't live in the dorms..
Most of the people I've met are staying in the same apartment building and I bet they'll be having parties and such while I'm staying elsewhere and I'm not even sure will I be attending the freshman party as I'm living further away from the downtown and I don't feel like walking 7kms home around 4 or 5am..
We'll see what happens.. I met some really nice people (mostly foreigners as Finns tend not to like me :)) and I believe I can survive for one year in here but after that I SERIOUSLY want to get out of here!
And I want to meet people I know!!!!!!
I'll be staying at my mom's place during weekends but I can travel around Finland during those times as well so just let me know when you'd have time to meet me~


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  1. Go to the party, you'll get to know your classmates better there :--) How about asking if you could stay the night in someone's room that night so you wouldn't have to walk home?

    PSSST. Send me your new adress <3