Saturday, August 13, 2011

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After that I'm free for 3 days and then I'll be spending most of my days in Porvoo..
Can't believe I'm really returning there :)
And I thought I swore to myself I'd never move back there but in the end it's still my hometown no matter what :)
So, tomorrow I'm working for 6 hours (12pm-6pm) and after that I SERIOUSLY need to pack my things..

My bed has looked like this for the past 2 days:

Before I go to bed I just put those on the floor and in the morning I make my bed and put those back........

I seriously need to put those somewhere before I move or else my mom'll surely throw those away!! D:
My dear letterpapers, stickers, envelopes, stamps etc.. :(

I'm a bit worried about the fact that my bed will look the same on Tuesday evening.. Because I'll probably take my stuff (most of it anyways) to the apartment on Wednesday even though I'll spend the Wednesday-Thursday night at N's place :)
A little after that she'll go to Canada and leave me to Porvoo ;;__;;
It takes me 6 years to move back and she leaves to Canada when she hears that I'm moving back D: She must REALLY love me! :D
Well, at least I have Kimmy there and I can bother her to death and S goes to school in Porvoo now and then as well so I'll be able to see her a lot as well :)

Hopefully everything goes well.. :)


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