Monday, August 1, 2011

No Sweden.

Not going after all, things changed a LOT after my birthday weekend and now I'm looking for an apartment from Porvoo or around the area as my mom will be kicking me out during 2011 unless some kind of a miracle happens...........
So I won't be seeing Vic but I decided to use the 6 days I took off from work to relax.. Changed the dates from August 3rd-8th to August 1st-6th (School starts on 18th ;;__;;). I'll be going to Jyväskylä to spend time with my cousins and my family at their summer cottage.. No internet just iPod, camera (it DID survive afterall!! It just a bit more sensitive than it used to be :( ), mobile and a big pile of letters (such a great thing that A writes letters as well - we have something to talk about even though I'm 7 years and 3 days older than she is :))

I also might be meeting a cosplay friend during that time but we'll see :) We were supposed to meet during the Animecon weekend (both of us decided not to go) but in the end I had decided on not going to Jyväskylä, the next time would have been August 12th-14th but as I accidentally agreed to spend those days at work we try to meet during this week.. :) It'll be fun :)

My birthday was over a week ago and to be honest I did enjoy it even though I didn't have enough time for everyone as people are different (I get along with all kinds of people and it was clear during that weekend..) Got a great drawn cards from Ninnu (as well as HAGAREN towel >3<) and Kimmy (going to get a Tracon ticket :3) :) LOVE those! Tea and a cook book from N and lots of Tennant stuff from Raven and X >3< (Picture of naked Tennant and stuff :'D - My mom didn't understand when she saw "How to Train Your Dragon" CD - read by David Tennant :3). And during last week and the week before that I got many lovely birthday cards from my foreign penpals but the best surprise was from my Korean pal I haven't heard from in a while :) She sent me Choo choo Jetoy wall calendar, 3 Jetoy postcard and sticker sheets. I collect Jetoy stuff (Kimmy thinks Jetoy is creepy and my brother thinks I'm creepy as my room is full of Jetoy stuff at the moment (cards, stickers, wall calendar, deco tapes etc.. :D)) but those are made in South Korea so ordering things from online stores does cost a lot and at the moment I'm not allowed to buy anything unless I find something REALLY cheap and get someone to share the postage with me..

But anyways~
I'll be going now and won't be back before August 7th.
I spend my time writing letters and enjoying the only proper vacation I've had during this summer.



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