Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Sick and Tired

Had to cancel the cooking day with S and now I'm just laying on my bed going crazy with my thoughts. I have letters to write and I write some every time I'm awake for more than 10 minutes.. But at times I don't feel like writing.. Having fever makes me tired and the fact that it's not going down bothers me.. I left early from school yesterday and people kept calling and messaging me about this new and BIG assignment we have to do in groups and I ended up in a group which T leads (I don't know her that well, haven't even talked with her but we'll see what happens..).

And I hate the fact that people seem to disappear for a week right before convention weekend..
I'd have some things to talk about convention etc and no one has time to talk as they're busy with their costumes.. :/
I think I just need to let it be like that, I have time to talk to them during the weekend.. I guess.. I hope..

I didn't get any mail today but I've been writing lots of postcards and a couple of letters..
And yesterday I got a postcard from N.. :) She's already in Canada and from what I've heard she loves it there :)
The postcard was from England as she landed there for 9 hours and as I asked her to send me a postcard from Heathrow airport (I was half kidding and didn't think that she would've really done it) and she did :) Made my day :))
And it seems that I'll be staying in here until next summer. I just have to suck it up and smile whenever I'm pissed off :)

Take care everyone (don't catch a cold!!!)


Sunday, August 28, 2011

We're the same

I had a great time with V and S today (they're roommates, V is a second year student majoring in tourism while me and S are freshmen :)).
Me and my dad picked them up around 10am (I woke up around 7am so.. :P)
It was a bit awkward at first as V and S were supposed to have their only Vietnamese day (they made a promise not to use Vietnamese around foreigners and even each other.. The only "Vietnamese" days are Sundays - guess who ruined it! :))
I had met V once before when she and S and a Vietnamese guy they know met in the lobby and V and S had some kind of a Vietnamese dessert with them and they let me taste it :3 It was good :3
I had everything ready when they came, had to take those out of the fridge and that was it :)
They were so happy to be able to visit a Finnish home and taste some Finnish food (yes, I had lots of help :')). Girls had brought some kind of a Vietnamese dessert with them - there was lotus seeds, vanilla and some kind of a fruit that grows in Vietnam.. (no idea what it is even though me and my dad tried to think of all the fruits we know and have heard of :)).
We ate, talked (about everything - culture differences, politics etc.) and enjoyed our time together :)
I love the fact how good S's English skills are :) V is a bit better in Finnish but her English ain't as good as S's :) I still love both of them >3<
The dessert they brought with them was REALLY good :D But the lotus seeds do make me sleepy :DD
Made some plans about Wednesday (S will make Vietnamese food for me<3) and they left around 2pm :)
We had fun and now I'm already considering about going to sleep even though it's only 4pm :D
Anyways, I think I need to write letters :)
Take care everyone~


Saturday, August 27, 2011

. . . . . .

School sucks but life is okay.. :)
I have an essay and a summary to write but I don't feel like doing those as the deadline is on Tuesday - no hurry - yet! :)
I got my first call from S today - only because I hadn't noticed her message.
It was so weird to talk in English even though I was expecting not using it until tomorrow morning :) I'll be meeting S tomorrow morning and she'll be coming to my place to try some Finnish food :) It'll be great :) And on Wednesday she'll be cooking something for me.. :3
I can't wait for that :)
I wish my classmates would be nicer and not such douchebags like they are :)


ps. Less than a week until Tracon and I'll meet someone after a while >3<

Tuesday, August 23, 2011


I've "studied" in HH for 4 days and I've already had enough. The level of education is REALLY low (majority of the teachers have crappy English skills - I hate non native teachers in international classes, seriously - what's the point to have international classes if the teachers speak English with THICK - I mean THICK - Finnish (or French etc) accent, so-so skills and no one has a clue how the things work.)
I had school from 9am to 5pm and I didn't eat at all during the day. We don't even have proper lunch hours!!!! SERIOUSLY!! HOW CAN THEY DO THIS TO STUDENTS!?!?!??!!?!?? The lunch is from 11am to 2pm and we have the chance to eat from 11.30am to 12pm and everyone (1300 students) try to go and eat lunch at that time in a cafeteria for... maybe 400 students?......
And if you're lucky you'll be able to go to lunch from 1.30pm to 2pm but that's only if you're lucky, which me and my friends weren't.
I ate breakfast around 7am and the next time I ate was 6pm. Sounds great right? 11 hours without anything to eat!! YAY!
So I decided to look for a job instead of staying at school. 50 students in classrooms meant for max. 25 students at a time so yeah. They're doing a GREAT job in here.
Wonder what'll happen during these next weeks......


(I'm not saying that other HHs are as crappy - just the one I'm studying in..............)

Thursday, August 18, 2011

School started.

I think I'll be able to understand how X felt during our school year (2010-2011) as she was one of the few that came school from home and didn't live in the dorms..
Most of the people I've met are staying in the same apartment building and I bet they'll be having parties and such while I'm staying elsewhere and I'm not even sure will I be attending the freshman party as I'm living further away from the downtown and I don't feel like walking 7kms home around 4 or 5am..
We'll see what happens.. I met some really nice people (mostly foreigners as Finns tend not to like me :)) and I believe I can survive for one year in here but after that I SERIOUSLY want to get out of here!
And I want to meet people I know!!!!!!
I'll be staying at my mom's place during weekends but I can travel around Finland during those times as well so just let me know when you'd have time to meet me~


Saturday, August 13, 2011

Picture via

After that I'm free for 3 days and then I'll be spending most of my days in Porvoo..
Can't believe I'm really returning there :)
And I thought I swore to myself I'd never move back there but in the end it's still my hometown no matter what :)
So, tomorrow I'm working for 6 hours (12pm-6pm) and after that I SERIOUSLY need to pack my things..

My bed has looked like this for the past 2 days:

Before I go to bed I just put those on the floor and in the morning I make my bed and put those back........

I seriously need to put those somewhere before I move or else my mom'll surely throw those away!! D:
My dear letterpapers, stickers, envelopes, stamps etc.. :(

I'm a bit worried about the fact that my bed will look the same on Tuesday evening.. Because I'll probably take my stuff (most of it anyways) to the apartment on Wednesday even though I'll spend the Wednesday-Thursday night at N's place :)
A little after that she'll go to Canada and leave me to Porvoo ;;__;;
It takes me 6 years to move back and she leaves to Canada when she hears that I'm moving back D: She must REALLY love me! :D
Well, at least I have Kimmy there and I can bother her to death and S goes to school in Porvoo now and then as well so I'll be able to see her a lot as well :)

Hopefully everything goes well.. :)


Friday, August 12, 2011

"You ARE Beautiful"

En siis suostunut aiemmin ottamaan tätä vastaan, mutta tällä kertaa voisinkin sen nyt toteuttaa, kun en jaksa pitkää listaa parhaista ja huonoimmista coneista ja cosseista tehdä niin tässä nyt sitten tälläinen:

You are beautiful-tunnustus on tarkoitettu kaikille blogistanian näteille blogikirjoittajille. Tunnustuksen saaja haastetaan julkaisemaan 3-5 ennen julkaisematonta kuvaa omasta elämästään (oman kameran kätköistä) pienten selitysten kera ja jakamaan tunnustus eteenpäin kolmelle (3) muulle!

Itse nyt ensimmäisenä jaan tunnustuksen kolmelle upealle ihmiselle joihin tutustuin vuosi sitten:

Punpun - Vanilla Clouds
X- I'm the ghost in the back of your head
Raven -Anna Hiljaisuuden Puhua.

Ja paljastukset tulevat tässä:

Jäimme X:n kanssa kuvailemaan Tower Bridgeä, kun muu ryhmä jatkoi matkaa sillalle. Kuvat olivat melko nopeita ja hieman sähellystäkin siinä oli (kaksi kameraa, kaksi kuvattavaa ja näin päin pois.) Matkalta tuli lähes 900 kuvaa, joten läheskään kaikkia ei ole julkaistu ja jotkut jäävät koneen kätköihin ikuisiksi ajoiksi.....

Talvella leikkasin hiukset pitkästä aikaa lyhyiksi ja tapasin Kimmyn. Pidimme pienen shoottauksen, mutta shoottauksen tuloksena oli vain kasa omasta mielestä julkaisukelvottomia kuvia. Näitäkin on useita, mutta tuskin koskaan näkevät päivänvaloa kansioiden syvyyksistä (en pidä omasta ulkonäöstäni - minkäs sille mahtaa.)

Suurin osa cossi kuvista on tällaisia, upeita tilanteita, vielä upeampia ilmeitä.
Kimmy karjui päivän mittaan "VARO NIITÄ (STNAN) KUKKIA!!" Joten sain olla ulkona vain varjon kanssa ja seisoskelin sivulla, kun muita shootattiin. Jossain vaiheessa näköjään joku innostui ottamaan "salakuvankin"........

Hallittu kaaokseni, joka pitäisi muuton edellä kadota ja muuttua täydellisen siistiksi huoneeksi.. Kuva eiliseltä, sänky vieläkin samassa kunnossa (ja yleensä kaikki tavarat ovatkin siinä, kun rahi varastettiin yläkerran aulaan) :(

Siinä neljä kuvaista täältä päin maailmaa, odottelen muiden paljastuksia~



Lame men are lame D: Got a message from a 32years old turkish guy (nickname: CoolHandsome) "I like your photo very much!You look very pretty!I am interested in you!Do you have a boyfriend?"

and a while ago 28 years old guy started talking to me: "Maybe you know that woman are normally 3 years older as their real age, because they are more rip as boys in the same age, so the difference between you and me is only 5 years."
(good to know that women are rip instead of mature!)

-I'm like so turned on and looking for a crappy online relationship with men who are a lot older than I am-

SO yeah.. That's how my day started, what about yours?

Picture via

I've been cleaning a lot and sorting things as I need to decide what I'll take with me to Porvoo and what I'll store as mom will be doing something to my old room a bit after I've moved out..
But I bet I'll be coming home now and then during weekend because I want free food :3 (Well, it is free for ME..... ^^')
Anyways, I'm behind with my mail (once again) and I try my best to get those sent and written as soon as possible since I want most of my mail to come to my new address (though I will get the letters and cards etc sent to my mom's address, it just takes a bit longer from me to get those :))
Can't wait to see what this year will bring to me :)


Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Forum RPG

Finally got Kimmy hooked to it (again) and now we're both addicted :DD
Sounds a bit pathetic but it's just so much fun<3

I've been complaining that usually no one likes or wants to try forum RPG (especially after I lost one of my "friends" a couple of years ago - THANKS.)
But now<3 x3

And I'll be moving<3 YAY!
Things will be alright after my work ends!!!! :DD


ps. Nasse came home last Saturday<3
I'm so relieved he was okay :)

Friday, August 5, 2011

Where Are You....?

My lovely cat Nasse disappeared on Monday after we left for the summer cottage. As he has 2 homes (our and the neighbour's) we thought he would be fine for the 5-7 days we'd spend near Jyväskylä.

Today around 11.45pm our neighbour called us and asked if she could check our house if Nasse would have been left there by a mistake. We all paniced at that time!
He wasn't in and we haven't heard or seen anything from him after Monday......
We've been looking for him for 7 hours now.......

If he's dead I'll never be able to get a new cat since Pippuri was 2 when she died and guess how old Nasse is....................


Monday, August 1, 2011

No Sweden.

Not going after all, things changed a LOT after my birthday weekend and now I'm looking for an apartment from Porvoo or around the area as my mom will be kicking me out during 2011 unless some kind of a miracle happens...........
So I won't be seeing Vic but I decided to use the 6 days I took off from work to relax.. Changed the dates from August 3rd-8th to August 1st-6th (School starts on 18th ;;__;;). I'll be going to Jyväskylä to spend time with my cousins and my family at their summer cottage.. No internet just iPod, camera (it DID survive afterall!! It just a bit more sensitive than it used to be :( ), mobile and a big pile of letters (such a great thing that A writes letters as well - we have something to talk about even though I'm 7 years and 3 days older than she is :))

I also might be meeting a cosplay friend during that time but we'll see :) We were supposed to meet during the Animecon weekend (both of us decided not to go) but in the end I had decided on not going to Jyväskylä, the next time would have been August 12th-14th but as I accidentally agreed to spend those days at work we try to meet during this week.. :) It'll be fun :)

My birthday was over a week ago and to be honest I did enjoy it even though I didn't have enough time for everyone as people are different (I get along with all kinds of people and it was clear during that weekend..) Got a great drawn cards from Ninnu (as well as HAGAREN towel >3<) and Kimmy (going to get a Tracon ticket :3) :) LOVE those! Tea and a cook book from N and lots of Tennant stuff from Raven and X >3< (Picture of naked Tennant and stuff :'D - My mom didn't understand when she saw "How to Train Your Dragon" CD - read by David Tennant :3). And during last week and the week before that I got many lovely birthday cards from my foreign penpals but the best surprise was from my Korean pal I haven't heard from in a while :) She sent me Choo choo Jetoy wall calendar, 3 Jetoy postcard and sticker sheets. I collect Jetoy stuff (Kimmy thinks Jetoy is creepy and my brother thinks I'm creepy as my room is full of Jetoy stuff at the moment (cards, stickers, wall calendar, deco tapes etc.. :D)) but those are made in South Korea so ordering things from online stores does cost a lot and at the moment I'm not allowed to buy anything unless I find something REALLY cheap and get someone to share the postage with me..

But anyways~
I'll be going now and won't be back before August 7th.
I spend my time writing letters and enjoying the only proper vacation I've had during this summer.