Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vic Mignogna

After getting over my worst depression phase this summer I've had more energy to do things. Today I started googling and somehow I ended up in youtube and in the end I ended up watching videos of Vic Mignogna doing Edward Elric's voice (FullMetal Alchemist x3)
God I still can't believe I'll see him :DD
(with my luck I'll end up in hospital before that or the convention will be cancelled xDD)

But yeah.. Lots of Vic videos just to let you know how f***ing excited I'm about seeing him in Närcon! x33

"Dude You're Short"

"Vic's Famous Fangirl Wooing Line"

"Ed's Longest Short Rant!"

"Vic Mignogna yoda and lumberjack song in Ed's voice "

This has been one of my favourite videos for ages x3
"Edward Proposes to Winry"

God I still can't believe I'll see him.. :DD
And his voice.. Don't even get me started xD

FMA - Brothers

FMA - Nothing I Won't Give

Vic Mignogna Overload<3 >3<


ps. Can you tell that I love FMA? :D

And he's even in one of my favourite games!!!

Vic is Junpei (took me about 2 hours of game play after I realized it and after that I danced around the room :DD)

God I miss playing P3FES


  1. "I've been practising.. with Al."
    Saattoi vaan syljet lentää kaaressa näyttöön, kun repesin niin XD Ihania noi Vicin satunnaiset välispiikit! :D:D

  2. niimpä<3
    Millastakoha tulee olee siel Ruottis<3 x3