Monday, July 11, 2011

Or so I Hope....

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I'm alive though I don't feel like it..
Been working a lot (usually 9 hours a day D:) and after that I'm half dead and usually just end up watching tv or going bed early.. And I spend 99% of my day offs writing letters..

Luckily this week I'm not working that much (taking care of a dog and so on - yeah, I'm scared of dogs but still I'm trying my best to get along with the big dogs...................) and I have a free weekend because I won't be going to Animecon after all.. I broke down and cried for hours a while ago just because of the conventions and decided that I'd spend this weekend at home (with daddy! I'll be meeting him after a while thanks to the fact that mom will go to Jyväskylä and meet my brother there after a while :) He went to see our grandma (mom's mom) and yesterday they drove from Vaasa to Jyväskylä :)) and probably write MANY letters as last Saturday wasn't my day at all (MOKKULA KUMMINKIN TOIMII JA SAIN VERKKOPANKINKI TOIMIMAAN TAAS ^^)..

Today I didn't have that great of a day at work but when I got home I had 3 letters and a postcard waiting for me :) I was so happy but it bugs me that my brains are half dead and I have this lovely headache which mean I won't be starting a letter today....... :( Maybe tomorrow.. I really hope that it will rain tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed everyone!! :)

As I spend most of my time at work I've had these lovely mood swings.. People at work don't see them because I tend to keep to myself around them when there's more than 3 people working - especially when C is there.. I haven't talked with her as she just started and I find it a bit hard to trust her.. I don't know why, I like her and she seems extremely friendly but I can't help but to feel uncomfortable when she's around when I'm talking with A..... :/
But anyways~ I try to relax whenever I can and try to get rid of the mood swings as those affect me the most.. It feels like a new depression phase might be coming up and I just can't take it at the moment.. I'm stressed, busy and most of all I'm already burned out..
Yet I still push forward...... :/


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