Friday, July 15, 2011

Have fun in Acon~

Past 3 days were okay.. I almost destroyed my boss' car (I'm a GREAT driver...............), I realized that I hate dogs that won't listen no matter what I say and I worked 10-13 hours a day...... But at least I was able to call to Raven yesterday and listened to my iPod everytime I took Maffe for a walk :)
But I only slept for 9 hours and now I'm up and awake.. :) It's raining so I think I'll have the time to write letters and postcards :)

Last night I was extremely tired and didn't feel like doing anything else except laying on the sofa.. I watched some tv, checked my facebook etc and before I went to bed I got a call from Kim..

"You sure, REALLY sure, you don't want to come to Animecon with us? I know you don't have anything fun to do~"

I told her that I have letters to reply and I need to decide what I'd do with next weekend (I haven't planned a thing and I paniced when I got a message from S about what I'd like to get as a birthday present..).. And I'm spending the weekend with dad so I really didn't feel like going to ACon (especially when someone I like isn't going there :( We were going to meet in Jyväskylä this weekend but my plans changed and.... we'll be meeting in August, hopefully :3)

But I really need to start working with the letters :)


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