Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gigantic Blue Teapot

Three travellers will be meeting soon and I just can't wait for it :) Been ages since I saw X (it was in May - one of the entrance exams) and Raven I saw last time when I was crying my eyes out during our "graduation".
Had a laugh a couple of days ago when I saw that M added some photos of his and K's bicycle trip. I had a big smile and realized that I'll miss them as well as the whole year that went by too fast.. Now I'm turning 20, soon it's 25 and before I know it I'm 50 (if I survive until then :))..

It's day off once again and mom woke me up around 8am (she didn't remember that I had a day off..).. I have to work tomorrow and on Monday and then I have 2 days off~ Yay~ :)
Been writing for an hour already and I finished one letter I started yesterday and already started another letter to a German penpal (male).. He seems extremely nice but I'm afraid that he'll stop writing to me just like my other German penpals have :/
And yesterday I heard that my Italian penpal is in Finland until the end of July :) She's working as an au pair near Turku.. I hope we'll be able to meet but I doubt it.. If only she'll come to Turku during Animecon..

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At the moment my room is a mess. I have stationeries all around my room (from pens to stamps from letter papers to envelopes and from stickers to different postcards) and I'm trying to write as many letters during today as possible. I bet the mailwoman will b ehappy when I have my postbox full of letters that she needs to pick up and send forward ^^' It was the same last year but not nearly as "bad" as this year ^^'
I've just been too busy and now I spend my every day off writing.. Sounds boring and at times it is but when I'm done with the letters I'll be receiving lots of letters :3
During January in 2010 I received 7 letters, some postcards and a Christmas present on the same day and it felt like a Christmas :) After that I've probably received 1-3 letters now and then, lots of postcards and some packages and tags.. And during my year in Joutseno I hardly ever received letters (except from a couple of penpals - I could have sit in front of the "mail box" at the dorm for hours just to wait for their letters :))
I ordered some new postcards yesterday ^^' and I hope I'll be receiving those soon so that I can send those forward soon :) Fairy cards of Linda Peltola, some other fantasy cards and Moomin cards :3 Can't wait! ^^

But I think I'll go and continue the letter(s) now.. :)