Tuesday, July 12, 2011

200th blog post~


Feels like I just wrote the 100th :O But no can do.. Not that many readers but I'd probably continue writing here even if I didn't have any readers.. :)

I'll be spending 3 days at my boss' place and I'm looking after the house as well as keeping company for the animals (dog - Maffe, cats - Milou and Taiga and fishes (Jade, Niccolo etc.. D: Who gives names to their fishes? :I))
Had to visit home quickly as I forgot my lotions and pills there, took the mail and received 3 packages (postcard package, deco tape package and Jetoy stickers package), letter (from J, South Korea), 2 postcards (Jetoy card from Japan and another from Taiwan) and the exam results from Jyväskylä. Didn't get in so I got really depressed and I'm currently filling papers to Haaga-Helia.. Sending the papers there asap so I'll spend at least one year in there..

Luckily N had some time to call me after she got my text message about the study place (sent the same message to at least 4 other people) and we talked about everything. Her mom will adopt me now and then as N is going to Canada and her brother is in the army until next year.. I guess we'll be meeting alot between August 17th and 25th as I'll be spending most of my days in Porvoo before she goes to Canada.. She even promised to send me my favourite tea from Canada if she just finds it in there :) And from what I've heard her family will be a great one and I'm so happy for her :) I'd really love to go abroad as an exchange student for one year :)



  1. silloin kun meillä oli kaloja niin mekin nimettiin ne!! :D meillä oli: Aku, tupu, hupu, lupu ja oliks meijän monni kenties mikki xD

  2. Ei kyllä mullekaan tulis mieleen nimetä kaloja. Ehkä monnin voisi.. XD