Thursday, July 21, 2011

Tomorrow :)

Still two nights left until my birthday but two of my friends are coming over tomorrow :) I hope I won't be too excited when I see them :))


Saturday, July 16, 2011

Vic Mignogna

After getting over my worst depression phase this summer I've had more energy to do things. Today I started googling and somehow I ended up in youtube and in the end I ended up watching videos of Vic Mignogna doing Edward Elric's voice (FullMetal Alchemist x3)
God I still can't believe I'll see him :DD
(with my luck I'll end up in hospital before that or the convention will be cancelled xDD)

But yeah.. Lots of Vic videos just to let you know how f***ing excited I'm about seeing him in Närcon! x33

"Dude You're Short"

"Vic's Famous Fangirl Wooing Line"

"Ed's Longest Short Rant!"

"Vic Mignogna yoda and lumberjack song in Ed's voice "

This has been one of my favourite videos for ages x3
"Edward Proposes to Winry"

God I still can't believe I'll see him.. :DD
And his voice.. Don't even get me started xD

FMA - Brothers

FMA - Nothing I Won't Give

Vic Mignogna Overload<3 >3<


ps. Can you tell that I love FMA? :D

And he's even in one of my favourite games!!!

Vic is Junpei (took me about 2 hours of game play after I realized it and after that I danced around the room :DD)

God I miss playing P3FES

What Summer Is All About

At times I really love Asian people :)
Ai Otsuka's "SMILY" video has always been one of my favourites as it's not serious at all and I even like her voice (don't know why) :)


Friday, July 15, 2011

Have fun in Acon~

Past 3 days were okay.. I almost destroyed my boss' car (I'm a GREAT driver...............), I realized that I hate dogs that won't listen no matter what I say and I worked 10-13 hours a day...... But at least I was able to call to Raven yesterday and listened to my iPod everytime I took Maffe for a walk :)
But I only slept for 9 hours and now I'm up and awake.. :) It's raining so I think I'll have the time to write letters and postcards :)

Last night I was extremely tired and didn't feel like doing anything else except laying on the sofa.. I watched some tv, checked my facebook etc and before I went to bed I got a call from Kim..

"You sure, REALLY sure, you don't want to come to Animecon with us? I know you don't have anything fun to do~"

I told her that I have letters to reply and I need to decide what I'd do with next weekend (I haven't planned a thing and I paniced when I got a message from S about what I'd like to get as a birthday present..).. And I'm spending the weekend with dad so I really didn't feel like going to ACon (especially when someone I like isn't going there :( We were going to meet in Jyväskylä this weekend but my plans changed and.... we'll be meeting in August, hopefully :3)

But I really need to start working with the letters :)


Tuesday, July 12, 2011

200th blog post~


Feels like I just wrote the 100th :O But no can do.. Not that many readers but I'd probably continue writing here even if I didn't have any readers.. :)

I'll be spending 3 days at my boss' place and I'm looking after the house as well as keeping company for the animals (dog - Maffe, cats - Milou and Taiga and fishes (Jade, Niccolo etc.. D: Who gives names to their fishes? :I))
Had to visit home quickly as I forgot my lotions and pills there, took the mail and received 3 packages (postcard package, deco tape package and Jetoy stickers package), letter (from J, South Korea), 2 postcards (Jetoy card from Japan and another from Taiwan) and the exam results from Jyväskylä. Didn't get in so I got really depressed and I'm currently filling papers to Haaga-Helia.. Sending the papers there asap so I'll spend at least one year in there..

Luckily N had some time to call me after she got my text message about the study place (sent the same message to at least 4 other people) and we talked about everything. Her mom will adopt me now and then as N is going to Canada and her brother is in the army until next year.. I guess we'll be meeting alot between August 17th and 25th as I'll be spending most of my days in Porvoo before she goes to Canada.. She even promised to send me my favourite tea from Canada if she just finds it in there :) And from what I've heard her family will be a great one and I'm so happy for her :) I'd really love to go abroad as an exchange student for one year :)


Monday, July 11, 2011

Or so I Hope....

LinkkiPicture via

I'm alive though I don't feel like it..
Been working a lot (usually 9 hours a day D:) and after that I'm half dead and usually just end up watching tv or going bed early.. And I spend 99% of my day offs writing letters..

Luckily this week I'm not working that much (taking care of a dog and so on - yeah, I'm scared of dogs but still I'm trying my best to get along with the big dogs...................) and I have a free weekend because I won't be going to Animecon after all.. I broke down and cried for hours a while ago just because of the conventions and decided that I'd spend this weekend at home (with daddy! I'll be meeting him after a while thanks to the fact that mom will go to Jyväskylä and meet my brother there after a while :) He went to see our grandma (mom's mom) and yesterday they drove from Vaasa to Jyväskylä :)) and probably write MANY letters as last Saturday wasn't my day at all (MOKKULA KUMMINKIN TOIMII JA SAIN VERKKOPANKINKI TOIMIMAAN TAAS ^^)..

Today I didn't have that great of a day at work but when I got home I had 3 letters and a postcard waiting for me :) I was so happy but it bugs me that my brains are half dead and I have this lovely headache which mean I won't be starting a letter today....... :( Maybe tomorrow.. I really hope that it will rain tomorrow!!! Fingers crossed everyone!! :)

As I spend most of my time at work I've had these lovely mood swings.. People at work don't see them because I tend to keep to myself around them when there's more than 3 people working - especially when C is there.. I haven't talked with her as she just started and I find it a bit hard to trust her.. I don't know why, I like her and she seems extremely friendly but I can't help but to feel uncomfortable when she's around when I'm talking with A..... :/
But anyways~ I try to relax whenever I can and try to get rid of the mood swings as those affect me the most.. It feels like a new depression phase might be coming up and I just can't take it at the moment.. I'm stressed, busy and most of all I'm already burned out..
Yet I still push forward...... :/


Saturday, July 9, 2011

Not MY weekend.

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Viikonloppu ei vois alkaa yhtään paremmin. Eilen pääsin 9 tunnin työpäivän jälkeen kotiin, avasin koneen ja kas kummaa! Netti kuoli lopullisesti. Ilta menikin siinä ihanasti koneelle, modeemille ja puhelimeen huutamisessa ja raivoamisessa. Katselinkin sitten netin kuoleman ansiosta pitkästä aikaa tv:tä.

Aamulla heräsin 8.30 - vapaapäivä, kun äiti ilmoitti että pitäisi nousta jos haluun mokkulan. Nousin ja alle 20 minuutissa oltiin jo matkalla kaupoille.
Nettitikku tuli ostettua ihanalta myyjältä ja kotiin kun pääsi niin kyllä se toimi täydellisesti - hetkisen. Verkkopankkiin kun menin ja piti avainlukulistaa vaihtaa jouduin nousemaan koneelta ja lähdin etsimään uusia tunnuksia. Takaisin kun pääsin netti oli kuollut ja pitääpi mennä pankkiin arkena jos haluun käyttää nettipankkii ja maksaa joitaki laskuja<3
Ei vituta ei.


Sunday, July 3, 2011

Positiivisuus On Perseestä.

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Anteeksi kaikille jotka ovat saaneet kärsiä tavalla tai toisella negatiivisuudestani. Työ stressaa ja kun saa sieltä kaikkea paskaa niskaa kaiken aikaa (ja mukavimmat työkaverit ottavat lopputilin) päivät alkavat olla melko helvetillisiä jonka jälkeen yritän saada pahaa oloa pois tavalla tai toisella. Tappelen äitini kanssa lähes kaiken aikaa, aivan sama mitä tapahtuu ja kaverisuhteet ovet melko....... epätasaisia? Tiedän suurimman syyn olevan itsessäni, mutten halua puuttua oikein mihinkään tällä hetkellä etten vain pahenna asioita.. Toivon todella että kahden päivän vapaa huomisen jälkeen antaa aikaa rauhoittua ja vain olla sen verran että jaksaisin taas olla vähän paremmalla tuulella pidempään. Ihottuma ei ole vielä puhjennut kuten viime vuonna, mutta vaikuttaa pahalta......... Tämän kesän jälkeen en enää tuonne palaa töitä tekemään.


Yeah, I Think You're Alright

Woke up for the first time at 7am after 6 hours of sleep. I sat up and stared at the clock for a while thinking that I needed to get up. Took me a couple of minutes to realize it was Sunday and I went back to sleep - no need to wake up before 10am. Got up after 8am thanks to my mom - Nasse had brought a mouse inside so my mom was screaming and yelling. And after a while I wrote a proper email. I'm SO proud of myself :)

Wrote a couple of letters yesterday but I stopped around 4pm and started playing as well as surfing online.. And I found my old cosplay dreams as well as some favourite songs back from when I was 10-13 years old :)
For example Shania Twain was one of my biggest idols when I was 12 :) Now that I found her music once again I find her even more amazing than before :)

That Don't Impress Me Much


My favourite song when I was 12 :) Though I bet I didn't understand the lyrics that well :)

Deana Carter - Strawberry Wine

t.A.T.u - All the things she said

And as my old cosplay dreams:

Lady Butterfly from Devil Kings

Tira from SoulCalibur (only because of her weapon :3)

Rena from Higurashi

Ciel Phantomhive from Kuroshitsuji
Pictures via

Hopefully I'll be able to sleep better tonight.. :)

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Gigantic Blue Teapot

Three travellers will be meeting soon and I just can't wait for it :) Been ages since I saw X (it was in May - one of the entrance exams) and Raven I saw last time when I was crying my eyes out during our "graduation".
Had a laugh a couple of days ago when I saw that M added some photos of his and K's bicycle trip. I had a big smile and realized that I'll miss them as well as the whole year that went by too fast.. Now I'm turning 20, soon it's 25 and before I know it I'm 50 (if I survive until then :))..

It's day off once again and mom woke me up around 8am (she didn't remember that I had a day off..).. I have to work tomorrow and on Monday and then I have 2 days off~ Yay~ :)
Been writing for an hour already and I finished one letter I started yesterday and already started another letter to a German penpal (male).. He seems extremely nice but I'm afraid that he'll stop writing to me just like my other German penpals have :/
And yesterday I heard that my Italian penpal is in Finland until the end of July :) She's working as an au pair near Turku.. I hope we'll be able to meet but I doubt it.. If only she'll come to Turku during Animecon..

Pictures via

At the moment my room is a mess. I have stationeries all around my room (from pens to stamps from letter papers to envelopes and from stickers to different postcards) and I'm trying to write as many letters during today as possible. I bet the mailwoman will b ehappy when I have my postbox full of letters that she needs to pick up and send forward ^^' It was the same last year but not nearly as "bad" as this year ^^'
I've just been too busy and now I spend my every day off writing.. Sounds boring and at times it is but when I'm done with the letters I'll be receiving lots of letters :3
During January in 2010 I received 7 letters, some postcards and a Christmas present on the same day and it felt like a Christmas :) After that I've probably received 1-3 letters now and then, lots of postcards and some packages and tags.. And during my year in Joutseno I hardly ever received letters (except from a couple of penpals - I could have sit in front of the "mail box" at the dorm for hours just to wait for their letters :))
I ordered some new postcards yesterday ^^' and I hope I'll be receiving those soon so that I can send those forward soon :) Fairy cards of Linda Peltola, some other fantasy cards and Moomin cards :3 Can't wait! ^^

But I think I'll go and continue the letter(s) now.. :)


Friday, July 1, 2011

Birthday party?

Umm.. I don't know..
I really don't feel like celebrating at all.. What I need is 2 friends and LOTS of tea. I want to sit down and just talk with some people, laugh and share experiences after a while. What I realized is that it won't be possible during my "party".. There are just too many people but the only reason I sent so many invitations is:
"If I invite her, I have to invite her and also her so that no one would be offended or anything"

My last birthday wasn't like I expected it to be. I felt left out (just like during Desucon). At my own home - MY party. And at times no one even noticed me, people just kept talking in the small group - the one I don't feel like I belong to anymore. I'm not nearly as good as they are and it hurts. Which is one reason why I'm quitting cosplay. I don't want to be part of that world anymore, it seems nice as usually people don't smoke or drink alcohol but it's still a nightmare at times. People start talking shit around your back as soon as you get a bit more known (I've noticed it while I've been listening to some "chats" now and then) and there's the "elite". At first I imagined it would be the perfect hobby but not anymore.....

Back to the celebration~
I've been thinking about leaving to somewhere else during that weekend. Maybe a summer cottage in Finland or a weekend trip to UK.. I could relax and I wouldn't have to act really happy if I'm not.. And I wouldn't feel left out.. I just need a big cup of tea and 2 people to talk to (I bet you know who you are!)