Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Watashi wa Kumiko desu~

Lately writing doesn't feel as fun as it used to.. I just can't sit still for hours and write letters all day long.. Maybe I should just write all the letters and send all of those at the same time so I wouldn't get any letters for about a week and I wouldn't have to think about when I have the time to write and send the letter and can I really afford it..
Postcards are so much easier, there's only a little space to write but sometimes it's much more fun to receive a postcard than it is to receive a letter (at least in my case)..

There are some people I love to write a lot but it takes a while to reply to as the letters tend to be extremely long (my longest letter has been 12 pages long - I still haven't gotten a reply). I have bought some birthday gifts and "I'm sorry my reply took so long"-gifts for some of my penpals but there's still the letter I need to write.. I think I need to take one or two weeks off and write every second day as much as I can so that the letter pile would disappear..


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