Thursday, June 9, 2011


Had a small chat with N a little while ago.. Can't believe that she's leaving Finland for one year and will be studying in Canada.. We haven't been talking that much lately as I've been busy with everything just as she has been.. Last meeting will be in August a bit before she's leaving and I make sure she's bringing me something from Canada :)

Life is okay at the moment, had a day off yesterday and another one today and I've had time to relax and think things through. I'm going on with my life, no use in lingering in the past and asking myself "what if..?". I won't let things bring me down. I'll be probably moving in August so I need to get things done and I don't have time to be depressed over some stupid things. :)

I was supposed to go to Porvoo and meet Kimmy yesterday but our plans changed. She'll be coming over on Wednesday and we'll be finishing our cosplay costumes for Desucon :) Then she'll come once again on Friday for a sleep over and on Saturday morning we'll pack our bags for the weekend and go to Lahti where Desucon is held (it's sold out! :3) :)

On Saturday I'll be cosplaying Doll from Kuroshitsuji.
The costume is Kimmy's but as I've been busy and almost broke I didn't have any time to decide on another costume as one of the plans got cancelled while I was in UK.. :(

On Sunday I'll be c(r)osplaying Edward Elric from FullMetal Alchemist (once again but I can't help it as he's my favourite character ever :)) Oh! And this time I have the red coat :)

And the night between those days we'll be sleeping in a hotel :) 3 girls and 2 boys in one room.. It's going to be interesting as I know someone likes L ;) I'm happy that I'll be able to chat with some a little more than I'm used to so I'm totally okay with it as long as I don't need to sleep on the floor :)

So. Instead of going to Porvoo yesterday I was at home and decided to write some letters :) I got one letter (first letter from K/Germany - he's my first male penpal from Europe :D) and 2 postcards (from A/Finland - we're postcard buddies for the summer :)). Now I'm waiting for my stamp order so I can send letters again (ran out of 1st class stamps a while ago), one first letter from M/Finland and a letter from Maria :) And I got a message from my penpal from Sri Lanka that she'll be sending her letter to me soon ^^ Can't wait! :)
Anyways, I wrote 5 letters yesterday - 3 for my Finnish penpals - P, S and E, first letter to K/Germany (his letter was so short so I decided to write a reply to it immediately and a first letter to my Lithuanian penpal A :) - and 7 postcards - 4 for postcrossing (Taiwan, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine), 1 for my postcard buddy from Netherlands and 2 cards back to A :)
We'll see what I do today and how many letters I end up writing :)

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Take care and have a great summer!



  1. This made me smile, big time! I suppose that Kimmy will post pics from Desucon on Facebook so we get to see the costumes? :D

  2. Costumes and other photos may be posted here or my facebook page. If not, then those will be found from Kimmy's blog or dA :)
    Haven't even tried the Doll costume yet and I don't have any Ed photos on my new laptop so that's why I didn't post any own pictures :)

  3. hihii, keskiviikkona nähdään :D portfolio on melkein valmis, kun päädyin valokuvaamaan ton kannen xD

    ja kiva kun pistit ton TIEDÄT-KYLLÄ-MINKÄ tohon postaukseen :( no, that's just the truth xD

  4. <3 I know you love me<3

    Hienoo! Onnee pääsykokeide kanssa ja keskiviikkoon :)