Sunday, June 5, 2011

There's Nothing Left Here To Burn

AT first I was supposed to write a nice post about everything that has happened but as my mom suddenly changed her mind at the last minute and decided that her new man is more important than me I decided that I'll be staying over at somewhere else between Monday and Tuesday (maybe until Wednesday). I've had enough that mom tries her best to make my life as miserable as possible. I honestly don't have a life! I just work, travel to work (and back home), eat and sleep! Even my day offs are spent cleaning already clean house because my mom can't stand anything being out of place or "messy".

"I hope to hell this is the last time..."

June 4th was okay.. I worked 10 hours as I said but I had fun. I was selling things with E and saw one REALLY good looking guy :) Took a photo and sent it to Raven and even she approved him ;) After the day I was EXTREMELY tired and did nothing :) Working from 8am to 6pm was enough.. And I fell asleep pretty early.

Today I woke up at 9am and got up. The first thing I saw was my mom in dress and she kept asking me would that be okay for the night out with her new man. I mumbled something, ate breakfast and thought about some new blog posts I could make (I want to interview a couple of people about one thing..(It's a really important part of my life) :)). Me and my mom agreed that she would pick me up from work at 4pm (shorter day as it's Sunday and there were 3 normal workers as well :)) But when we arrived at my work she decided she won't be picking me up at all! "I need to go earlier!" and she just left. Want to go to the hotel with him so badly? So in the end I worked until 6pm and held my tears of rage for 2 hours straight. In the end I asked my boss if she could give me a ride home and thank god she agreed doing that! Tomorrow I'll probably walk to work (leaving around 7am I think..). Luckily I can take my money with me and leave elsewhere after work :)
"If you want some peace and quiet, you can use my house from Monday forward.. There will be no one home until Wednesday morning"
We'll see when I come back and post again :)

Take care!

ps. Congratulations for graduation Maria! :)

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