Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tape It Back Together

I would love to write about everything at the moment and finish some of the things I've started (for example my interrail trip to UK in 2010) but I don't have almost any time for that. I'm sorry.
And as I currently suck at staying in front of my dear laptop there won't be that many blog posts during the next week(end).. I TRY to post the last part of my interrail trip as soon as possible (I won't be online during weekend - Midsummer in Finland)

Last weekend was okay. I was a bit disappointed of it but at least I met some of my friends and noticed that I don't get along with some.. (or don't want to) Otherwise it was okay and I liked the fact that for once I had a costume I felt (quite) comfortable to wear (sorry about your Doll costume Kimmy!) For once I didn't took that many pictures but had a "photoshoot" during the convention :)

Doll from Kuroshitsuji (most Kuroshitsuji fans didn't recognize me at all D:) (c) Kimmy

Saturday went by fast (spent time at the convention area from ~11am to 12.10am). I saw the cosplay show (& Finland's euro cosplay), about 5 videos of the AMV show as well as a BL (Boy's Love) panel which was a bit awkward :) Left from the area around 12am and in the end I got to bed after everyone else in our hotel room around 4am (didn't feel like sleeping at all :))

A as Ryoji :3

And on Sunday I woke up around 9am thanks to M who chose not to let me, L or E sleep any longer......... D:
Didn't take that long from me to get everything done (thank you Kimmy) and then we drove back to the convention area and spent the day there (~10am to 4.30pm). Took photos, didn't eat (I don't like to eat during conventions :3) and did some small shopping. A was crossplaying as Riku this time (SEXY Riku~) and I was Edward Elric (ONCE again..... and NO, I didn't get the red jacket even though I said I would D:) (others' cosplays can be found from their blogs : Kimmy, Ninnu - Kimmy's blog is in English while Ninnu's is in Finnish).

me, Rige and Ninnu (c) Kimmy

me, Ninnu and Rige (c) Miika Ojamo

Got home around 5.30pm and mom started nagging IMMEDIATELY. (just as I said she would~). We fought once again and I decided to leave her be and went to bed around 7.20pm and fell asleep before 7.30pm.

The next morning I woke up around 7am, ate breakfast and drove to Kouvola for the last driving lessons so that I'd get my final driver's licence - and I did :) Now I'm done with it and I only have 3 more days before weekend~ :)


ps. I COULD be writing something a BIT more depressing but for once I was thinking about people who read my blog :)


  1. Viime vuonna ite kävin Desussa.. oli kyl kivaa siel vaikka oli aika ulopuolinen olo ilman asua, kun lähdin sinne randomisti päivän harkinnalla. :D

  2. Ite olin viime vuonna suunnitellu tapahtumaa jo jonki aikaa ja tän vuoden tapahtumaan ostin liput heti ku ne ilmesty :) Suunnittelin sinne menoa siis melko kauanki mutta petyin kyl tapahtumaa jonki verra.. :/