Friday, June 3, 2011


This summer won't be that much different than the summer before it. Yet everything has changed.
(Yes, I do read all the blogs I've subscribed.. I just don't find the courage to comment even though I may know the people in real life :()

I had fun at work even though I didn't feel like going at all.. Tomorrow will be a long day (8am - 6pm) thanks to "the opening of summer season". I'm sure I'll be dead after that but what can I do? I need the money and I hope the day won't be THAT busy for me as I'll be selling all kinds of food products. :)

Yesteday wasn't special at all.. Except that I got a new Finnish penpal.. I'm surprised that people do want to write with me :) I'm bit by bit catching up with the letters (all the postcards are sent - FINALLY). :) I also read some old letters from Maria and I had fun until 1am when I realised that I'd be dead the next morning - surprisingly I woke up before my alarm went off :O

Today I was able to talk with A once again and we laughed a lot :) She realised that we had made a small mistake a day before yesterday, we helped each other at the counter and she had to confess to me that she went to Hesburger (Finnish hamburger place - like McDonald's but better ;)) as I had been talking to her about hamburgers :D
I came home and got a package from my Slovenian penpal (Jetoy bookmark!! :D LOVE IT!) and a Disneyland postcard from my postcard pal from Netherlands as she had been in Paris a while ago :)

And I will be meeting up with Raven and X during July :D meeting around my birthday would be the best! ;) Can't wait to meet them once again! Never want to lose them! :P

Take care everyone~


ps. It's Friday~ ;) (I hope I'm not the only one who has to stand the fact that Rebecca Black's song keeps on playing in my head :D)

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