Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer Is Short

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I hate waking up early - to me early during the summer vacation is before 10am.... Yesterday I woke up around 6.30am for the first time, closed my eyes again and then my mobile started ringing.. So in the end I didn't sleep almost at all and I went to work for 7 hours, then I needed to pick up my mom and then to Helsinki...... I didn't feel like going at all...

- Helsinki was okay even though I could have been doing something else at the same time.. Today I woke up pretty early as well and need to go to work :( Don't feel like it at all! I want to sleep..... I have a day off tomorrow but I'll be spending it – writing letters...

I have too much to do before the summer is over and thanks to my job I can't do a thing!!
Since my salary sucks I won't be able to do a thing after the summer either.. My money goes to rent or to the bus tickets (100km:s a day......) Sure, I'm going to Sweden for 4 days in August but that's only because of Närcon - another convention.. After that I'm PLANNING on going to UK once again but it has to wait until next year..

And at the moment I have a pile of letters on my table but when do I have the chance to write those??? I've been trying to write everyday but I usually end up writing only half of a letter which sucks. I wish I could write more even after long days at work..

What I want right now is some peace, lots of free time and a chance to get lost somewhere in the world with a friend or two. I miss the trip to UK - I walked a lot and at times when I chose to leave on my own I got lost and found great places by accident.. I want to do that again..

Take care

ps. part of the post was written yesterday but as blogger decided on not working I had to save it and write later - that's probably why there may be typos etc.. Sorry!

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