Thursday, June 9, 2011

I ♥ our postwoman :)

No, I didn't get the stamps today either :( Wonder what's wrong with Itella (once again :(). I need the stamps so that I can send the packages, letters and postcards I need to send :( But no.. .__. Let's hope that I'll get it tomorrow..

But I still got lots of mail today! :3
-A letter from B/Netherlands (which is a bit odd as I haven't replied to her earlier letter yet :S Well, I guess she'll be getting a long letter back :))
-a Jetoy postcard from China (via Postcrossing forum - Cartoon/Comic strip/Anime postcards tag)
-2 postcards from my Finnish postcard buddy M (I love the fact that she sends Fairy cards! :))

-Order from Janetstore♥ (2 Amy&Tim Notebooks, Miki notebook, 5 small Amy and Tim postcards, 1 decotape and Alice in Wonderland letterset)

-Private swap (package) from China

Haven't written anything today (yet) but I did finish playing Shin Megami Tensei Persona 4 for good :) The ending was ripped off from Persona 3FES but no can do..Maybe I'll start the games once again from the beginning :3

Oh! And my little baby has been really lazy these past 4 days.. He has just slept and sat on my lap :3 And been extremely cute!

Take care!



  1. by they way have you ever ordered from :D you got really nice stuffs ^^

  2. en oo varma tuliko eka komma perille, mut oletko tilannu mitään lettersets.comista? :D
    Ja kivoja kuvia :)

  3. Kiitos :)
    En, en oo tilaillu mitään Ainoot mitä oon käyttäny (ja joita ihmiset on suositellu) on, ja :)
    Mutta kiitos vinkistä, pitääpi käydä katsastamassa sivu :)