Sunday, June 26, 2011

115 facts about me.

You can all thank Raven for "tagging" me :)

1. Lily is only my penname.
2. People tend to call me by my first name irl
3. ...which I hate D:
4. I've always looked younger than I am...
5. ...or at least that's what people have told me.
6. I've never been good at keeping a diary
7. And that's one reason I'm so surprised my blog is still alive
8. I've exchenged notebooks with some of my friends when I was in primary school
9. But as I've been moving a lot it usually hasn't lasted longer than a year.
10. I lived in Australia for a little while when I was 8
11. Which is why I love to travel
12. and want to move away from here
13. I already have a plan about moving from Finland to England or Scotland
14. But not that many know about it :)
15. I've been to UK 3 times and visited England, Wales and Scotland
16. And I want to travel to Ireland :)
17. I fall in love too easily
18. Which is why I get my heart broken.
19. I fell in love for the first time when I was 7.
20. And I still think about him now and then.
21. I'm blaming myself about messing up our relationship.
22. I currently have a crush on my friend.
23. Only my best friend knows about it
24. She has known about it longer than I have!!!
25. Last year I had a crush on another friend of mine
26. Only two knew about it
27. I have too many penpals....
28. But I love all of them <3
29. At times I get way too open
30. Which causes people to dislike me at times
31. I get angry too easily
32. But I forget about it really fast
33. Usually people don't even know when I'm angry at them.......
34. I tend to be shy at times
35. And spend time on my own
36. Some people tell me that it seems like I don't like to be around people
37. Which is not true
38. I've known my best friend for 8 years
39. reason why we sound like a married couple when we fight
40. We've been in the same class for only 3 years
41. We call each other everyday.
42. And send text messages.
43. I started snail mail at the age of 9
44. My first penpal was 3 years older than I was and from Lapland
45. She chose not to write with me after one or two years.
46. After that I found V and K.
47. And I still write with them now and then
48. I got my first foreign penpals at the age of 17
49. They were from New Zealand, Zimbabwe, South Korea and Germany.
50. Only Erica (from South Korea) writes with me (from my first foreign penpals)
51. I don't really know how to act around Germans..
52. reason is because one of my foreign (female) friend fell in love with me
53. ..and another reason is because Germans always stop writing with me.. :/
54. I don't really like my native language
55. to me it sounds ugly
56. But I love English
57. Which is why I WANT to move to UK (or Australia)
58. as well as study the language
59. I love to listen to Asian people talk
60. Especially if they use Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai or Vietnamese
61. Usually I can tell which language they are speaking even though I don't know those languages that well.
62. I LOVE Doctor Who
63. The first Doctor I saw was the 9th (Christopher Eccleston)
64. But my favourite is the 10th (David Tennant :3)
65. I'm obsessed about him
66. And people around me know that.
67. He's the only actor I've ever admired this much :)
68. I love editing videos.
69. Especially when it's Doctor Who
70. And 10th Doctor/Rose
71. I really wish I could be Billie Piper for a day.
72. I hate typos
73. But my blog posts are usually full of those...
74. The only Finnish band I really admire is Stella
75. Been for years now.
76. And my favourite foreign bands are Simple Plan and Dead By April
77. I know more than people think I know ;)
78. I love postcards
79. Been exchanging those for 2 years now via postcrossing
80. And I started exchanging postcards with postcard buddies a couple of months after that :)
81. My first postcard buddy was&is from China
82. And I love her postcards a LOT.
83. My other postcard buddies are from Netherlands, Thailand, Russia and Finland
84. And maybe from USA and Canada
85. I love dancing
86. That's why I want Xbox 360
87. And kinect..
88. And Dance central :3
89. I'll be traveling to UK next year
90. With my little brother :)
91. I don't get along with my mom
92. But I do get along extremely well with my little brother and dad
93. I love paper and pen RPGs
94. But only my best friend likes it as well
95. I'm a nerd.
96. You can't stop me from playing Final Fantasies or Shin Megami Tensei Personas :)
97. I'm addicted to facebook games.
98. It Girl and Sorority Life just to name the "worst" ones
99. I own lots of postcards
100. And buy more whenever I get the change to
101. I've broke only one heart during my teenage life
102. And it was the worst thing I've ever done
103. I'm afraid of being left alone
104. I believe that some of my friends loathe me
105. Even when they don't have a reason to
106. I like photographing
107. Even though I suck at it
108. I love writing
109. I have a weird imagination
110. Which is why I like to write short stories and fanfics
111. I don't trust guys that much
112. But I still have a great time chatting with some
113. I suck at drawing and explaining
114. I don't like alcohol that much or smoking
115. I might have repeated myself :P

I'll be "tagging" Kimmy and Maria~ :) And Pear if she ever sees this post :)



  1. Weeeehayy! ;) You know, I really think that we should both move to UK (preferably Scotland) and live along same street. ;)

  2. Yeah, I agree :D
    I just probably need to wait 5-6 years more and after that I just pack my bags and fly to UK :DD

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  4. omg and i will have to do this xD it will take some time.