Monday, May 2, 2011

UK in ~5 days & More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers #7

"5 more days and I'll be home"
I got the flight tickets and £90 today and I'm starting to realize that I'll be in UK soon. I'm going to London and Wales!!!! I just CAN'T believe it! The second time within a year!! I still have things to do before that but I don't care!! The last exam will be tomorrow but I don't CARE! :D I'm just way too happy about the trip! ^^ All of the postcards I can buy, the stores and everything! I'm happier than I've been in a while :)
I'll try to keep a diary during the trip and maybe even ask some people to share their opinnions and feelings as well, then write it down in here right after the trip :)

And about mr. MoreThanFriendsLessThanLovers.. He feels the same way.. But yeah.. The talk we had right after I woke up after 5 hours of sleep was fun.. I almost cried, laughed like hell and well.. I still can't believe I'm not in a dream..



  1. The whole post made me smile like a lunatic! I'm so glad for you :---) Imagine if you had never told him...

    I'll also be keeping a travel diary in UK. I'm still too excited to believe it's only 5 days away! A dream come true <3

  2. Well I've been smiling like that the whole day :D Even the snow doesn't bother me anymore :D Bet I'll be retaking thne exam on Thursday but I don't care :D I'm just feeling way too good about everything :D

    Indeed! And I finally got to go there with people around my age&friends!! :D A week from now we'll be in Wales!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Congrats for u!! I was like what the hell has happened when I have been gone from here... :'D My bad.. Oh god I wish I would have been here more often..
    OMG!!!! When I saw this post I was like WOE ! Now she did it !! It's just so awesome <3 Good luck for u two :) -hugs-

  4. Thanks :) I still can't believe I really did it.. :) Too bad it affects my studies ;D Don't feel like studying anymore :DD

  5. Aww but it's great that u did :) This made my day. I'm sooooo happy for u.
    And haha xD Well.. Love will find the way :D