Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Plastic Blue

My interviews (personal and group interview) and entrance exam went well and I was REALLY happy and I think I might even get in! :) (fingers crossed!) And I even got mail (and met 6 girls from my class of 2010-2011 which made me really happy! :) unfortunately Raven didn't make it but I still met X, Pun, S, A, N and N) but still I'm blue once again..
People don't want to see me or talk with me on the phone anymore. When I usually call to someone the first thing they say when they answer is:
"What is it NOW?" or "What do you want?"
It hurts and even my mom says that some have changed (yes, I talk with my mom once again and this time we talk more than ever before..).

"To me it sounds like she doesn't even want you to go"

and I think she's right.. I nearly threw my phone out of the car window while we were on our way home from Jyväskylä where me and my mom (and probably even my little brother) might move during this year.

And I'm not going to Närcon in Sweden. Yeah, I bought the cheapest convention tickets ever but I'm NOT paying 400€ to get there.



  1. Siis whaaat miks se maksaa noin paljon?!!?!?! D8 ja hei mahtii, kyl mie ainaki pidän peukkui et pääset ;) saa nähä miten käy ittelle, tuntu et meni ihan ok mut sit taas on ne haastattelut...! Dx noo, ainaki siul on yks mahdollisuus enempi päästä ku mie oon pois laskuista 8D oot sie muutes tulos sinne joensuun kokeeseen? :O hyvä muisti miul :--D

  2. joo, melkee 300€ takas Suomee Ruottista sunnuntaina (sunnuntai lisä~) halvemmalla pääsis lentäenki (mut vaikka liput ois 100€ ni yö Riikan lentokentäl paluumatkal ei OIKEE innosta :DD)
    Juu, Joensuuhun ens.. maanantaina :D Siellä nähää taas :D Ainaki pari muutaki tält päivält o tulos sinne :D Muut menee varmaa Tampereelle D:

  3. It was so good to see you guys <3

    How are things with your mom at the moment?

  4. It was! :) I honestly nearly started crying the other day when I first saw you with your bag full of food :D

    I think me and my mom are okay now.. She's more relaxed even though she does yell at me if I haven't done anything after I get home from work (and even if I do something she may say it's not enough X__x) but yeah.. I think we're fine (for now.. :S)

  5. Hahah, me and my bag full of food! :'----) It would be great if we could have a movie-night or something this summer! We could ask Raven too? :--) Just be lazy, watch good movies and maybe cook something!

    I hope things stay fine. *HUGS* Maybe divorce was a good thing for her.

  6. Yeah! Maybe during July as I'm the only one working then and then it's a lot easier for us to plan? :) I'd love to see both you and Raven!! :D

    I believe things will be okay.. (as long as I don't receive that much mail anymore D: She hates it so much :()