Friday, May 20, 2011

Bye Joutseno (& Wales+London)

So.. School is over and this is truly the first time I really wished the year wouldn't have ended.. For the first time I truly enjoyed school. I had the best classmates one could ask for and the best teacher. I'm going to miss everyone. I cried a lot even though I'm not used to it and usually I don't like people to see me crying but as almost everyone else were crying as well I didn't care. I just wish I wouldn't have to end this chapter of my life and start writing another one..


ps. Lately the school hasn't been the only reason why I've cried..
I FINALLY got to see WICKED the musical in London and LOVED it SO much!!!

Some reasons why I cried:

and my favourite:

(I've listened to the songs for over 4 years and I know almost all of those by heart so.. :) It was about the time to see it! :D)

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