Saturday, April 16, 2011

My Messy Thoughts

Been bored, lazy, busy and everything between that (though I'm still a bit sad that I haven't been rping for a while D:). Life's been what it has been. Next week I'll have a longer weekend and I can't wait for it~

And I just realized that I'll be in UK in 3 weeks!!!! ^^ Second time within a year and I LOVE IT! At least this time I have friends with me :DD Noo need to go all alone once again (though it did have its pros.. :P)

Love? Who cares! :D I'm friends with More Than Friends Less Than Lovers and I'm happy about it :) We've talked some things through and.. We'll stay in touch even though we're both extremely busy (haha, yeah right! I'm just so ffffffffffffffff- lazy D:)
And my boss called me today.. I'll be starting to work the very next day after school ends.. D: Sucks but I really need the money and as I can't travel after the summer I really want to get money and get postcard pals from abroad.. :) At least I could get lovely postcards! (I already have 3 postcard pals - from Russia, China and Thailand - but I want more!!! One from Australia~!!!)

I have way too much energy but I'm too lazy to do a thing :) I have letters I should be replying to BUT. I have no stamps or money to buy those D: Sure I could write those and send on May 4th when I get money again but.. I don't know.. I think I have better things to do at the moment (like.. doing nothing!).
I'd love to write but I kinda have this writer's block.. (as you might notice. I have too many things in my mind and I'm really hyper. NOT a good combination in my case!)

But yeah. One thing I've been thinking 'bout is that I might as well ask my Australian relatives' addresses and maybe write to them.. Haven't been in contact with them in AGES and as my English is million times better than when I last saw them/wrote to them it would be a nice surprise to them :) AND I'd love to hear how they're doing (especially my second cousin(s)!)

ARGH! Too much to do!! But yeah.. Thought I should write down some of my thoughts so that I'd be able to relax a bit.. Maybe even my body reacts to the fact that my mind is way too messy! :O


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