Monday, April 25, 2011

More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers #5

We had a chat after a while. And it was fun!
We haven't been able to talk to each other because I've tried to stay away from the internet thanks to my current situation:
  • I'm EXTREMELY busy with everything
  • the trip to UK is in less than 2 weeks away
  • I haven't even started to plan for the essays I need to return soon
  • my first entrance exam is on Thursday
  • and no, I haven't read almost anything
  • too much to do!!!
But it was fun to talk with someone almost immediately you wake up. And as it turned out that we won't be meeting in Europe thanks to my situation (money, job, school etc.) he'll be coming to me. And he said that he wouldn't leave that fast. I was a bit surprised but extremely happy. I shouldn't put my hopes up but I really want to meet him and talk with him! I can just imagine us playing Final Fantasies and chatting at the same time. :) Can't wait for the end of July or the beginning of August :)
For once I really hope that this won't turn around and that he'll really come!!
I already promised to show him around and let him witness my crappy driving skills ;)


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