Sunday, April 3, 2011

More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers #3 & Life's a Bitch.

Just my luck. There's someone else..
My mind is a bit of a mess at the moment.. Spent the weekend doing homework, listening music, watching Disney movies and talking with him..
Yesterday morning I found out that there's someone else.. But he still acts like he doesn't have anyone.. I got a bit depressed because of that but there's nothing I can do.. I just wished him good luck with everything and especially with the one he is or will be with..
Why SHOULD I be angry, depressed or sad? He's happy with someone else and I should be happy about it. We're friends. That's all. And since he's happy I should be happy for him.. right?

Most of my childhood friends have jobs, they're engaged/getting married soon and/or have children.. I'm still studying, I'm single (and it pisses me off now and then) and I couldn't take care of a child. So I'm happy I don't have one. I'd be a terrible mother.
So yeah.. I'd like to be with someone but whenever I meet guys who live near me most of them seem like great guys in the beginning but in the end they end up saying or doing something and I realize they're NOT my type. I've been like this for YEARS!

Why can't I just move abroad already? I don't want to stay here. I don't feel that comfortable in Finland. I love foreign countries. Only about one month and I'll be spending almost two weeks in Wales and London.. I'm extremely happy about that even though it is just a study trip. I'll be able to escape my "homecountry". I have the greatest friends in here but I don't feel like my heart belongs to this cold country. I want to get away. As soon as possible.


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