Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Held My Hand

It has been a while since I saw this but still..

I saw a dream.. I were somewhere in Porvoo (I at least think it was Porvoo) and found a small and old toy store. I went in and my best friend was there. She looked at me and we started talking about some kind of a present for a little girl. I looked around and I think that in the end I had some kind of a small doll castle and I hold it in my hands. I looked it more closely and that's when the door of the toy store opened. Two men came in. They resembled the ”perfect” princes you see in the Disney movies. I looked one of them into the eyes and he looked back. I smiled a bit and saw that they went to another room which was located behind the toy store.. First my best friend followed them and I came right after her. The room was a bit like the toy store. Pretty small, like the really small shops you might find in Old Towns. There was a bed and my friend sat on it and talked to one of the men. I stood near the door and smiled a bit. I was just about to leave when I heard that Kelly Clarkson's ”Haunted” started playing

”You held my hand, You held me tight”

I clearly remember hearing that part of the song and the man who I looked at earlier stood right before me. He took my hand and we started dancing. The dance seemed to last forever. We just danced and danced. And the song kept on playing in the background.After the dancing finally came to an end I felt joy. I was incredibly happy. I looked at the man and he smiled back at me. He took a step towards me but then walked past me. The man my friend was still talking to stood up as well, mumbled something and left as well. I stood there, not knowing how to feel and woke up.

First of all.. I've liked Kelly Clarkson ever since her first album came out but I've always thought that ”Haunted” is one of her creepiest songs. So I don't like it that much (I still listen to it now and then) and the second thing is.. I can't stand dancing! Okay, I enjoyed the Finnish version of prom but otherwise I don't like it. And the third thing is that I'm heart broken. I don't even want to think about guys so why do I have to have a dream like that?

And I can't even remember how he looked like...

Thank you for the dream though.


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