Monday, March 21, 2011

Sweetest Girl

Nothing has happened lately.. At least nothing interesting.. I've been finishing assignments and home exams.. Stayed up late, slept for a couple of hours during the nights, drank many cups of tea..
Well, one thing that did happen was that our Canadian teacher came and made a breakfast for us :) 2 of my friends won this one quiz and as a prize M promised to make them and some of their friends a Canadian breakfast :) It was great!! I really enjoyed the pancakes and maple syrup! :)

Nothing has happened between me and "More Than Friends, Less Than Lovers" since I've been dead busy and haven't talked with him.. We're in good terms but I don't know.. I'm still a bit worried and afraid..

I'm energetic but on the other hand I have no energy to do a thing.. I'm happy but yet a bit sad.. Haven't slept in my dorm room for over a week.. I just can't.. I rather spend my time in the room next to my own room (I have one big room all for myself, it's creepy and cold!).. I prefer sleeping on the floor somehow.. Nice to listen to someone else's breathing while falling asleep (it may sound creepy, SORRY!) I just feel comfortable when I know that people are around me..

I joined Postcrossing forums a week ago Friday and I got my first "tag mails" from there :) Fat Mail from USA (a long letter and some kind of a surprise) and a HEARTS tag (cards with a heart or hearts) from Germany :) I was happy that I got those but the fat mail wasn't fat at all.. I only got one sticker and a short letter (and I'm sending a package as the fat mail!) so yeah.. Disappointed..
But I also got 2 postcrossing cards, one from a Finnish woman who lives in Germany and one from Austria :) And a letter from Maria even though she's extremely busy with her matriculation exams :) THANK YOU FOR THE LETTER!! :)

Maybe I'll get more mail this week as I hardly got a thing last week.. This week started perfectly! ^^ I'm waiting for a package from South Korea and I sent a package to Japan (Europe/Asia Surprise mix tag) and tea from all over the world and postcards from.. Russia I guess :)

At the moment I'm relying on music to relax now and then.. At the moment my top 6 songs are:
The Sounds - Better Off Dead
Rihanna feat Eminem - Love The Way You Lie (Part II)
Bruno Mars - Grenade
Wyclef Jean feat. Akon, Lil Wayne and introducing Niia - Sweetest Girl (Dollar Bill)
Jenni Vartiainen - Duran Duran
Ellie Goulding - Wish I Stayed

I still have one assignment to finish and it's due day will be next Monday.. Need to work on it so no blog posts or letters from me I guess.. Sorry!


ps. I was totally surprised when my roommates said that I'm sweet. I've never heard anyone else said it to me like that and I honestly didn't know how to react.

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