Monday, March 7, 2011

Last Day of my Winter Vacation

The vacation is nearly over.. I came back to the dorm yesterday and I've been putting things back to where those belong.. Feels weird to be back at the room 418, alone. My roommate won't be coming back today so I'm sleeping all alone in the cold room. It feels weird since usually I'm one of the last ones to arrive and first ones to leave..

Last night was creepy.. The whole dorm area where I and 6 other English students live was silent, dark and empty.. No one else came yesterday.. Luckily now at least Raven came back to the dorm and probably 2 others will come during today as well.. :) I would've freaked out if I would've stayed here all alone for another night..

During the vacation I didn't have that much time to sleep.. I was up and running almost all the time.. On Friday, February 25th I met my friend Nora who's going to Canada for a year in August or September.. SO I needed to make sure she'd write to me and start writing a blog about her year as an exchange student in Canada.. :)
On Saturday I went to Jyväskylä with my mom and brother.. And I met my cousins Anna (12yo), Antti (6yo) and Lasse (4yo).. I had some fun with them outside while my mom and my aunt went shopping.. So me, my brother and Anna ended up watching after Antti and Lasse as they had fun in the snow :) In the end Lasse started calling me "Munamies" ("Eggman", a Finnish, sketch character) because I had a white hat that resembled his hat (at least that's what he thought..)
On Sunday morning Anna came with us and we drove back home.. She stayed at our place until Thursday (that's when she got sick, right after she got back home..) In the end my family is sick and I'm honestly waiting to get the cold as well (I ALWAYS get sick.) During the time Anna stayed at our place we went to Helsinki and Kouvola.. Pretty much traveled around the area where my parents live..
On Friday I finally met Ninnu after a while :) After the New Year we haven't had time to meet but in the end we managed to meet since she had some kind of a project week (haha, right! If I had a project week I'd pretty much sleep all day and think of it as a vacation :D) and I had a vacation so.. :) We talked about things, especially cosplay and now I know which ones will be my first costumes this year :)
  1. Edward Elric from Hagaren no Renkin Jutsushi (FullMetal Alchemist), group cosplay with Ninnu as Alphonse Elric and Rige as Winry Rockbell
  2. Hatsune Miku ~ Vocaloid (Madness of Duke Venomania version), group cosplay with Kimmy as Meiko and lots of other people whom I don't know. YAY~ I guess I'll be all quiet the whole day since I'm afraid of cosplayers who are known.. :) Can't help it!
Oh! And I just realized.. Last year I was only crossplaying in Desucon but this year I have one cosplay \(^__^)/ YAY! I don't need to use duck tape or anything like that on the other day :D But I need to use a lot of make up D: Honestly.. Cosplaying is killing me slowly but surely and before that it causes me to go bankrupt :(

(Notice how I always end up changing the subject no matter what?)
Anyways~ Yesterday I spent packing and traveling back to the dorm.. Now I'm here and I'm dying.. I need to do assignments, home exams and stuff like that but I have no energy ;;__;;

I'm still a bit heart broken but I think I'm okay sooner or later.. After all I'll be spending my time with my "roommates" for the next 3 weeks and meeting my penpal Viivi after.. umm.. 6 or 7 months? I'm not sure but it's been a while.. :) She's been my penpal since I were in 5th grade so.. 8 years? :) We've pretty much grown up together since we've been sharing our thoughts, problems and pretty much everything with each other :) So it's nice to see her again after a while :)

Let's hope that I'll get over everything quickly.. Lately a lot of people have died around me.. But I guess that's mainly because I'm getting older and my grandparents and their friends age as well.. Last week a family friend died.. He was around 70.. He just got a high fever just like that, was taken to hospital and there they decided to move him to another hospital.. He never made it in there.. I've known him all my life even though lately I haven't met him almost at all.. But still, he has been there when my dad was young and he saw me grow up and now he's gone.. RIP.

And my mom and me haven't talked almost at all after the fight.. Sometimes we may exchange a word or two but it's mainly about my school fees, cleaning, money or food.. And that's basically it.. I'm hurt and she doesn't want to apologize.. I was happy to receive a letter and see that at least one of my penpals has the same problem.. It relieved my "pain" a bit.. I've never been close to my mom so I kinda envy my friends who are close to their moms.. I never had that and I guess I never will.. But I do have my brother who's really close to me.. Ever since we moved to Australia we've been close.. In Australia we only had each other to play with.. I did make some kind of a friend there (and we almost drowned together in a beach near Sydney) but it was hard to communicate with her..

But I'm not afraid of water.. Weird isn't it..? In fact I love water, I just don't like swimming pools or swimming halls. And that's only because of my atopic skin.. I haven't been in a swimming hall at all after I turned 16.. Before that I had to fight with the teachers everytime we needed to go to a swimming hall.. I had this bad rash after every swimming lesson and still the teachers wouldn't believe me that it was because of the water.. (I honestly hated P.E and I still do.)

I'm looking forward to this year even though the beginning has been the worst one there is. I can't wait to go to UK with my roommates and meet some of my foreign friends this year (fingers crossed!!).
Maybe I'll change during this year and become a better person.. I'll fight and give my all during this year. I won't do a half-assed job. I promise! :)

Off to make some tea and start writing letters~ :)


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