Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"I Wanna Make Up Right Now"

My brother made me listen to Punk goes Pop CD he has on his laptop and I fell in love with some of the songs immediately :) I usually can't stand the music he listens to (except Dead By April :3) and now I found some songs we both like but those are only covers so.. :S

  1. Asking Alexandria - Right Now (Na Na Na) (WAY better than the original song! :3)
  2. The Ready Set - Airplanes
  3. The Word Alive - Heartless (I LOVE The Fray!!!)

Okay, those are all from the 3rd Punk goes Pop CD but My brother didn't send me the songs from the 2nd one :(

Today I haven't done almost anything.. I wrote 2 letters and I think Raven is going to send those today.. (Betty & Maria, your letters are coming soon! :) At least I hope so :))
I didn't go to the classes because I wasn't feeling that well..

I spent the night at Raven and Emma's room since my roommate weren't here and me and Raven would have slept in our rooms all alone so I decided to take my mattress to their room and I think I slept pretty well.. :) It was nice to talk about everything and drink tea :)
I think I slept well (even though it doesn't feel like I did) and now I'm keeping my hopes up so that I get to go to the classes tomorrow.. :) Well, I think that I'll go even if I'm sick :) Been a while since we had proper classes and our teacher is back from Canada :)

I've decided not to touch the homework/assignments/exams before the weekend and I'm really keeping that promise. I'll be writing letters and I try my best to send those asap. :)

Lately I've started reading exchange student blogs and I've got this urge to travel.
I know that I'll be going to UK soon but it doesn't feel like a proper trip.. It's still "just" a study trip.. After that the school is over and summer starts.. I'll be cosplaying and working (and I'll be taking entrance exams to universities: Jyväskylä, Joensuu and Tampere). After that I don't know what to do.. I've KINDA already planned that I'd go to UK in July or August.. BUT. Now that I've got a new penpal from Italy and she lives in a town I've already once visited (though I was 6 at that time).. And I kinda want to go there as well.. I don't know what to do ;;__;;
After all I guess I'll be going to UK at least twice this year because our family friends are getting married.. SO..

But at the moment all I can do is dream.. :) When I have more money (or win the lottery) I'll go to South Korea(Seoul, Busan etc.), Japan (Osaka, Kyoto, Tokyo), Thailand (BANGKOK!), Vietnam (Ho Chi Minh) and China (Shanghai). And it would be great to go to Australia once again.. :) I still want to see the Ayers Rock..
(I just checked the flight ticket prices between Helsinki - Rimini - Helsinki and Tampere - Edinburgh - Tampere (during August..) To Rimini the cheapest flight tickets were over 1500€!! SERIOUSLY!!! To Edinburgh on the other hand it would cost ONLY ~200€ (even less probably).. SO that's it about the problem :))
But I'd still love to travel around the Europe and see Italy.. Probably it'd be cheaper to fly to Italy with a cheap flight and buy and interrail ticket.. :) But we'll see.. (if I only got more money first :D)

Luckily dreaming is free.. :) I guess I'll be going back to bed for a while :) I feel a bit sleepy..



  1. I've always wondered have you ever listened to Ellie Goulding? You might like her ♥




  2. I have heard her songs but not really listened to her that much.. Maybe I should try her music.. :)

  3. Oho, en ees tienny, että tällasiakin covereita on :D Toi Akon-cover osoittautukin aika hienoksi, mutta en hirveesti pitäny noista ärjymisistä.. Täytyypi kattella lisää Punk goes Pop -biisejä :D

  4. Aikalailla niis kaikissa muissaki on huutamista ja muuta mut mun mielestä AIVAN ihania :DD