Monday, February 14, 2011

You've Got Mail

I wish I had.. :) I mean, lately I've been SO busy that I've hardly had the time to send or write any letters (or postcards).. And that's why I hardly get any mail at the moment..

I'm waiting for a package and a letter from Poland (from 2 of my penpals), a postcard from Mexico (it's probably gotten lost in the way :(), a letter from Turkey, a letter from England and a postcard package (swap, I didn't buy anything this time :)) from China..

And I should be replying to at least to two messages I've gotten from a Chinese and a South Korean girls about snail mailing.. I probably will start writing with them after I've replied to the letters I've received by now..

Mostly people want to start writing with me because I come from Finland.. Which is a bit weird.. I'm not fully Finnish and I want to move out of here so I always feel a bit uneasy whenever someone is telling me how they think that Finland is a great country..
I do agree that Finland is an okay country..
For example, last night when I came back to Joutseno with the train I tried to call a taxi with another student (I think she was from the "teacher class"). We couldn't get one and an old man came to us. He asked whether we had troubles getting a taxi and we nodded and smiled a while mumbling
"yeah, a bit.."
He gave us a ride to the dorms and talked to us the whole ride.. :) It's nice that there's still people like that here in Finland :)
But at least in Helsinki people rather look at the ground than other people.. SO..

Yeah.. I should be doing my homework (once again) but I don't feel like doing those.. I've already spent 3 hours with all of those and I'll be going to Punpun's room and we'll be finishing (hopefully!) an image analyze.. :S It'll take an eternity from me!! D:

But yeah.. I think that I should start eating something now and try to finish at least some of the homework I should do..

Take care~


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