Friday, February 25, 2011

Vacation (February 25th - March 7th)

I've calmed down a bit. I talked about things with my roommate and it helped me a bit. The night before yesterday I was sad, yesterday I was just mad and angry.. Now I'm kinda okay.. I'll be meeting a friend I've known for 10 years now and I'll be able to talk about everything with her.. It's nice to have people like that around you..
And I also need to thank my "personal diary", thanks Rob for listening what I need to tell no matter what kind of things those are.. You're a priceless friend! :)

After the 3 hours long bus trip from the dorm to my parents' place I was just SO tired.. I didn't have the energy to do a thing and I just went to bed and fell asleep almost immediately.. It was nice.. I slept for 10 hours with our neighbours' cat beside me.. (He kinda has two homes so we call him ours from time to time.. :))

When I woke up and got a message from Raven around 10pm I realized that I really have friends I can trust, I don't need anything else. I have people around me who care about me and who will listen to me when I ask them to. I'm not alone even if I feel that way once in a while..

Thank you guys! I love you! :)

And as the post title says I'll be having a vacation for a bit over a week. Tomorrow I'll go to Jyväskylä which may become my hometown this year (IF I get into the university) and get my 7 years younger cousin from there :) I'll be watching over her and spending time with her until Thursday.. On weekend I might go to my other cousin's 18th birthday, she turned 18 3 days ago but she's currently in Portugal(I THINK.). But we'll see.. I may not blog that much during my vacation but I can promise that I'll stay alive no matter what :)

AND I'll TRY to write all of the letters that I haven't written yet (sorry about that!! X__X)

Take care everyone♥!


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  1. Oh, sorry! I did not mean to wake you up! Stupid me! :(

    I hope that I belong to those who you consider as people who you can trust. Call me in the middle of the night or day, if you just feel like you need someone to listen to you! I can't promise I find my phone right away or that I first sound comprehensive but I will try! :) <3