Wednesday, February 23, 2011

"It Would Be Better If We'd Stop Talking.."

"..and that you'd forget about me


Talk about timing!
The beginning of 2011 seemed okay (the first week). After that something happened and I attempted suicide. But I didn't die.
After that I had big problems with my mom once again and in the end she said that I'm not her daughter. Now that a family friend has died she talks to me once again but she still hasn't apologized (I could forgive but I'll NEVER forget.)..

Tomorrow I'm taking an exam but I don't feel like going there.. The day started okay, I thought I could make it through the day pretty easily since I have my roommate I can talk to but then I got a message like that from a guy whom I've known for 2 years and pretty much loved him.. But now..

I just feel like crawling under my blanket and staying there for the rest of the week..

But I can't.

And that's the hardest part. I meet people and I smile at them, laugh with them and talk about normal things even though all I want to do is cry and talk on the phone with someone who won't answer..

Is it too much to ask for another chance..?


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