Saturday, February 5, 2011

I DO Remember

Yesterday I found a letter from an old friend of mine.. I haven't been talking with her for over 2 years so I honestly started crying when I read it once again..
The letter was written almost 5 years ago..

We used to be the best friends but Secondary School changed everything.. We were still neighbours and we spent time with each other now and then.. But we both changed..

I do remember the summer we slept at her and her sisters' play house and went out in the middle of the night.. We had fun even though I slipped down and fell to the nettle bush.. It wasn't that nice but we had a great time.. Spent the whole night talking with each other..

And the times we sat at the dock and looked at the sea. We could sat there for hours and talk about EVERYTHTING.. Even though in the end we weren't as close as we once were it was still so easy and relaxing to talk about everything..

I remember I smoked pretty often when I was 14.. Every time I met J somewhere I usually started smoking so that I could spend a little more time with him.. Usually she were with me and she was worried.. I didn't see it at that time.. And even if I did I wouldn't have cared about it.. But now I'm happy that I had a person like her around me when my other friends knew next to nothing about my bad habits..

Thank you for everything. I promise to try my best and get in touch with you after these years.

Take care and thank you for everything.


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