Wednesday, February 16, 2011


I was talking with a 17 years old male from USA because he wanted to learn Finnish.

The chat went something like this: (note that I think that people who use "lol" are retarded)

L: really want to know why on earth you want to learn Finnish? It's one of the worst languages there is!

DJ: Well lol because its just a language that appeals to me and because I tend to like the little more unusual things lol

L: I can believe that.. But usually (or at least what I've heard) not that many Americans even know where Finland is.. So how did you found it?

DJ: I KNOW lol its Northern Europe, next to Ireland

And that's when I decided that I shouldn't talk with him.
I always thought that UK was next to Ireland.. It's strange how I don't know where the country I live in is..