Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Thank god I was able to talk about cosplaying (etc.) with someone here at the dorm. Punpun, THANK YOU! I felt way better after talking with you 'bout series, cosplay, the characters etc.. :) I enjoyed our talks!

I've been having this urge to go and cosplay NOW. SOMEWHERE. ANYWHERE! I really miss the conventions :3 Next con where I'm going will be in June.. :( I don't even know what I'm cosplaying.. I just go there.. Well, I will be crossplaying Ed Elric once again with Ninnu as my "otooto" Al :3 Can't wait.. :)

And from sub ject A to subject Y..
What I enjoy most in cosplay conventions is that you never know wheter the prettiest girl is a guy in real life or the guy you stalk during the whole weekend is indeed a girl.. I think I've been mistaken for a guy a couple of times but my voice always gives me away :( It's a shame :) And I've heard a friend of my saying to me once or twice that if I were a guy in real life she'd have raped me countless times already.. (I don't know whether I should be offended or not :D) And I've said that to my friends at least 10000000000000000000000000000000000 times.. :) It's really enjoyable to see how a girl can really "transform" into a boy :)

I started cosplay by cosplaying pretty known female characters (Kairi (school uniform version) and Yuna (songstress version)) from pretty popular games (Kingdom Hearts 2 and Final Fantasy X-2) (although the first costume was a disaster and the second costume was great but the wig was TERRIBLE!).. After those two cosplays I decided it was time to try crossplaying and I chose my favourite anime charater at that time (nowadays I HATE him!) Zero Kiryuu from Vampire Knight. I think that the costume was okay and I was one of the first Zeros seen in Finland which made me REALLY happy!

I'm not going to show my old cosplay pictures in here but some photos of the characters I cosplayed
Pictures from WeHeartIt

After my first crossplay (yay! me as male!) and first good cosplay (it was good.. wasn't it? :S)

After that I somehow ended up in a group cosplay (and a group cosplay contest) with people I had never before met. It was interesting.. It was the first pretty good female cosplay as:

Houjou Satoko from Higurashi no naku koro ni (kai/rei).. A bloody and a psychological horror series.. I was 16-17 when I watched the series (yay~) And to be honest I didn't even have nightmares.. I wonder why :O And the video clip that made me want to see the series:

Yay! My character is being killed for the 19839336746928th time during the series!!! :DD

I really enjoyed the series and I was cosplaying as 8-10 years old girl while I was 17, turning 18 and people thought I were 14-15..

I also cosplayed as Lenne from Final Fantasy X-2 (couldn't find any photos, sorry) and as Zero Kiryuu once again, with my friend Milla as Rima Toya..

After that it was 2010~ A year when I borrowed Ninnu's Roxas costumes :) Kingdom Hearts 2 was still close to my heart :3

I think (and REALLY hope) that I looked manlier than this pretty boy.

Maybe it's photoshop and other photo editors that make Japanese and other Asian cosplayers look so good. ;)

And finally I was able to cosplay as Edward Elric<3>


  1. Kiitos itsellesi<33 oli kyl mahtia oikeesti jutella cossaamisesta, miullaki on vaa ollu hirmunen urge päästä puhumaan, ku tääl oikee kukaa muu cossaa ja sillee D; ni oli kyl ihana päästä jutteleen :3 pitää jatkaa tällä aiheella vielä jossai vaiheessa ;)
    Ja heh, miekää en kovin montaa Fuuta oo nähny, jotka oikeesti muistuttas Fuuta noin niinko ruumiinrakenteellisesti xD tai sit oon vaa kattellu liikaa jotain USAlaisia jotka on cossannu... o.o

  2. Todellaki :D Jos vaikka sitte ku uus jakso alkaa tehtäis taas ilta anime/manga/doujinshi/jdrama/cosplay sessioita siu huonees? :DD
    Niitä mäki oon nähny aika lailla :'D USA:n isot Fuut ei oo kaunis näky :D