Sunday, February 6, 2011

Collab Video with a Friend

Song: What Can I Say
Band: Dead By April
My footage: Liar Game (Season 2)
Part: 4/6

Hope you like it.. Even though I don't use that many effects.. :)



  1. Aww! Tää on tosi ihana! :) Pitäs varmaan kattoo tota, näyttää aika jännältä!
    En mäkää käyttänyt paljoo efektei mun osissa. Eli se ei haittaa! (:

  2. i am so sorry for your pain, your life experience, and all the suffering & hardship you have endured. you do not deserve it. i was also hated by my mother and the rest of my family and it has had a terrible impact on my life. two books that were invaluable in my journey of recovering my self esteem and ability to experience happiness were "will i ever be good enough" by karyl mcbride and "mean mothers" by peg streep. also, the website: good luck - you are beautiful, you are strong, and you can change your life. going low contact or no contact is the way to sanity & freedom. best of luck and lots of love... xoxoxo