Tuesday, January 11, 2011

You finished all your homework?

"You must be sick"
That's all I hear from my roommate after working 4 hours with 2 different homework "assignments".. I can honestly say that I've never worked so hard with homework than I now do.. I may spend hours wondering one simple and small assignment which I would have written or finished in 5 minutes a year ago..
Somehow it's extremely exhausting to work on one problem so long but in the end it is somewhat rewarding to get most of the things right and being able to talk about the assignment with other people around you.. English is NOT even half as easy as it was in upper secondary.. Academic Writing, Phonetics, Linguistics.. Everything about how the language was born, how we use it, how we pronunce the words and how those are written with phonetic symbols.. Not to forget the classes where we examine how the words are linked together to form a sentence..

And I'm choosing to continue this torture..

I had a small talk with my other English teacher, Keijo, today..
Most of the time was spent on what I did wrong on my British history exam (I didn't study at all for that exam because of the Academic Writing class' portfolio.. Still I scored 1 (50% right!! :D) He said that he was a bit disappointed in me but I just smiled and said that I just mixed up some of the facts and he totally bought that!

After that the talk changed to another subject which I hate - university studies.. I mentioned that I might apply to a polytechnic to study tourism in English and he asked where I would go and in which language I would study.. I would have LOVED to comment that I was thinking about studying in Hebrew but I just smiled and said that I'm applying to the polytechnic of Porvoo and that I'd study in English.. (He was joking about me studying in Swedish, all because of my Swedish lastname..)
I also added a couple of universities, Jyväskylä, Vaasa and Joensuu. He was happy when he heard that I might apply to the "teacher line" to become an English teacher.. Little does he know that I'm NOT going to stay in Finland even if I become a teacher!

Today just went by.. My roommate will change the class so we won't be in the smae classes more than 4 hours a week.. But somehow after Topi heard that Emma's changing to their class he has come to our room for the first time.. It was weird but I think it's because he wants to make Emma feel like she's welcomed to the new class..
I also talked to Toni today (for the first time ever). He started the year at the same class but changed after the first or the second week.. We've been on the same Japanese group but I've never talked with him.. So it was a bit awkward when he was in our part of the dorm waiting for TEmma(another Emma) to treat her hand (she was a bit drunk :)) I came out of our room and started talking with Elisa, Topi and Nora.. Toni smiled at me and said that we haven't talked before.. We introduced each other and he immediately knew who I was.
"So YOU'RE Kira"
It was a bit creepy but I didn't mind.. It's nice to get to know people.. :)
And for the first time I saw a guy's room at the dorm.. I was arguing with Topi that my and Emma's room is messy but he kept saying that his and his roommate's room is a lot messier. He asked me to come and see for myself if I didn't believe and after I said "okay" he was surprised as hell.. It was so much fun to see his expression.. And to be honest even if their room was a bit messy it wasn't as messy as our.. :)

But I'm thinking about going to bed.. Maybe I should.. After all I need to wake up around 8am because of Emma..

Good night~


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  1. Keiju oli taas vauhdissa. Mää nyt sitte stalkkailen sua ihan kunnolla täällä. ;D
    T. Elsu.