Monday, January 24, 2011

What DO I Do During Classes..?

I create new OC characters :)
I'm so proud of my newest creation so I want to share it with everyone :)

Name: Roxanne Lee
Age: 17
Date Of Birth: November 17th, 2000
Zodiac Sign: Libra
Chinese Zodiac Sign: Dragon
Place Of Birth: Unknown
Family: Big brother Ryuu (only one alive)
Lives With: Ryuu/Alone

Hair: REALLY short, wavy. As black as it can be
Eyes: Roxy has only one eye which is deep green. She lost her left eye and her parents in a fire when she was 4 years old
Height: 5'09 (155cm)
Unknown, really thin.
Overall Health: Okay considering that she smokes.
Personality: She's usually calm but when she gets angry nothing's stopping her. She depends on herself (or on Ryuu) more than to others because she can't stand being pitied or helped just because she only has one eye.

Preferred Nickname: Roxy
Occupation: Unemployed, lives in the slums. Brother "works" as a "thief". (He brings some food for everyone who lives in the slums.

Greatest Fear: to lose the last family member she has.
Religion: Atheist, doesn't believe in God because of everything that has happened to her.
Bad Habbits: Smoking
Wepon Of Choise: dagger and a pistol
Clothes: Usually some kind of a ripped tanktop and jeans.
Tattoos/Piercings: "Gang" tattoo on her left shoulder

The World: has been split into sections based on the income level. If you've been born in the slums there's no way out.

So yeah.. Those are the first things I made up.. I created her last night but came up with her story today.. We'll see how the story developes from here on..

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  1. She is interesting!! Her personality and greatest fear makes her mysterious (I'm already thinking what would she be like in reality if it would be possible) and somehow I can relate to her fear so much..