Sunday, January 23, 2011


It's my passion.

I've somehow always loved travelling. Even within the borders of Finland. Seeing places I've never seen before. Experiencing new things..

I've been busy with my school assignments lately but finally I had one day to rest and all I've been doing is reading blogs about exchange years abroad or watching my friends' photos of their trips around the Europe last summer. I wish I could so that as well but it's so expensive.. I need to get a job for the next year or get into university. I'm also applying to a polytechnic just so that I could become an exchange student even for one year.

What I'm after is a World map. A big one which I could put up on my wall and mark the places I've visited, for example:
Italy, San Marino, Tirana(Albania), Montenegro, Australia, England, Scotland etc..

And the places I want to see as soon as possible.

At the moment I really want to travel to Scotland and Northern England. Nothing special or even exotic about those places but Edinburgh stole my heart and Tracy, Mark and Ben live in Northern England.. I hope to meet them soon..

It's less than 4 months until my study trip to Wales and London but still.. I'm a bit scared of it (it means that the time at the boarding school is coming to an end) but I still wish it would be sooner.. 103 days until the trip (correct me if I'm wrong) :/

Other places I'm dying to see are:

Yehud - Israel
Wrocław - Poland
Bangkok - Thailand
Wien - Austria
Seoul, Busan and Daejon - South Korea
Shanghai and Shenzen - China
Hong Kong
Kyoto, Osaka, Tokyo and the areas between those cities - Japan
Sydney, Perth, Alice Spring, Brisbane, Darwin and Cairns - Australia
Ho Chi Minh - Vietnam

I guess those are the places for now.. I'd LOVE to travel all around the world if I could!


  1. I'd like to have a wall that would be white and have the outline of world in black painted on it. Then I could put red sticker to the places I have visited. I would love to go to Scotland, Chicago and Italy at the moment. But the world sound pretty good, too.

  2. That would be great as well :D But I'd prefer having the map on the wall and use some small things, like pin, to mark the places I've visited and where I want to go :)

  3. Your idea is easier to move around... so it does get points a lot :DD