Friday, January 14, 2011


No new blog posts until Sunday~
I'm a big busy with everything.. I promise to try to post the third part of my interrail trip to Scotland and England on Sunday as well as part 2 of the OC Meme.. Let's hope I have the time to write those..
Right now I'm planning on going to my birthtown/hometown (whatever you wanna call it) and spend at least 2 days there.. :) After that I'll be busy with everything.. But I do continue blogging even if it seems like I'm dead :P

And just to let Raven know I'm honored that she's my newest stalker here :) And I'm not angry at all :D Love you girl!

Take care~
DON'T fuck it up~ ;)


ps. My newest video project, some might have seen it already:

Doctor Who/Secret diary of a call girl
Shattered Rose


  1. Okay. Take care ^^

    Ja toi video näyttää ihanalta!! Aiokko tehdä sen loppuun? On meinaa superihanan näkönen <3

  2. Luultavasti, kunha saan aikaa ja vaikka joskus otettuu lisämuistin asuntolaan..